Monday, March 2, 2009

Widgets From Heaven

Have you noticed my new widget yet?
The one that shows the weather.
I am loving it!
It has been very accurate so far.
I love knowing what the weather will be like.
And look, it's supposed to be 43 degrees today!
That's more than 10 degrees above freezing.
Yipee, the snow is melting.
But what is under the snow is not so pretty yet.
Just lots of old brown grass and pond sized mud puddles.
There is hope in knowing that soon all that brown will give way to tiny bright green buds and pretty spring flowers.
Soon the trees will be full of baby birds and spring blossoms.
I can almost smell them now.
The sad part about the weather today is that it's over cast.
Who can enjoy 43 degrees when the sun in not shining?
Oh, bother!

1 comment:

The Lazy Organizer said...

Lovely! I have started getting the weather on my cell phone. I love it! By the way, do you guys text? If you do, you should get set up for it.