Sunday, March 15, 2009

My, How Time Flies

My 12 year old nephew got married last week.
He's positive he turned 12 ten years ago, but I could have sworn that was just last month.
Where has the time gone?
This has got to be the most tender wedding I've been to thus far aside from my own.
I remember when Bradly was just a big pudgy baby with the biggest blue eyes you've ever seen.

And now just look at him. He is absolutely glowing with his beautiful bride by his side.
He loves her like a man should love a woman, you can see it in his eyes when he looks at her.
Their wedding reminded me so much of my own.
I had the privilege of riding in the van with him and his family on the way to the temple.
It was his mom who also drove me to the very same temple to be sealed to my sweet heart nearly 9 years ago.

As I sat in the sealing room watching this brand new couple promise eternity to each other my thoughts drifted to the day Mr Bird and had done the same. I remembered looking around the room and seeing all of our family and friends. I remembered whispering "yes" as I heard Chrissy whisper it to Brad.

Chrissy is such a cute girl. As she knelt across from Brad her little "yes" was so quiet, yet I felt as if it had echoed through out eternity.
You can just tell these two are so happy together, they are so sure of themselves and of their relationship.

To make their special day more memorable I will share some of the random quotes I heard through out the day.
In the car on the way to the temple:
"You can't take pictures of me because my childhood can not be documented. I will be a
007 agent
when I grow up and there can not be any record of my childhood."
-Bradley's little brother, Jordan

"Bradley, you are drawing your last breaths as a single man!"

Bradley: Last time I was at the Bountiful temple I was on my knee.
Jordan: Did you really get down on your knee?
Bradley: Ya-Yah! I said, 'Dearest Chrissy, Marry Me!'

"I don't ever remember the light turning blue, actually."
-Bradley's other little brother, Josh

"Hey, try our Sundays, they're better than Baskin Robins"

-On a sign in front of a Baptist church

"Aunt Chrissy got married into a princess."
-Christina's 3 year old nephew, said with wide eyes and awe in his voice as she and Bradly came out of the temple.
Actually he called her Aunt Flo, but at our house Aunt Flo means something else, so we'll just pretend he said Aunt Chrissy.

We heard two of my favorite songs on our way to the temple. Viva La Vida by Coldplay and You're the Inspiration by Chicago. Both very fitting for the day.

One last quote.

On the way to the temple we had to stop at the Jr High to pick up Josh who had gone to school because he had a science test that he did not want to miss. When he got in the car he was visibly upset at having to miss his test.

Bradly said, "Josh, I really appreciate you coming, I need you there for me."

He said it very quietly just for Josh to hear, but I'm nosey and was listening and now I'm blogging it for the whole world to see.

That's the kind of guy Bradley is. He is very caring and not afraid to show you, or tell you, of his love. He is the most kind hearted, just plain good person I know.

He is so good.

He's good to his brothers and sisters.

He's good to his mom and dad.

He's good to his friends.

I can't convey in words the goodness he has, the respect, the love, for everyone in his life.

That Chrissy is one lucky girl.


Anonymous said...

Was this the best wedding since yours ? must not have made it to mine...

Anonymous said...

yeah you must have not been to mine... no pics anyway ...