Sunday, January 18, 2009

Your Love is Better Than Chocolate

My computer has been sick the last week or so, hence the lack of blogging.
I could get on Mr Bird's computer and look, but all my pictures were stuck in mine.
Last night Mr Bird fixed my PC and now it works like a dream.
It's kind of handy to have a computer genius around sometimes.

Last week Mr Bird wanted to have a family jam for his Birthday. So we loaded up our kids and our cake and went to his sister Lisa's house where we ate cake and played music until way past bed time.
It was hard to eat that beautiful cake. I knew how much butter and sugar were in the thing, so it made it really hard to enjoy.
It is one of the richest most fattening and sinful cakes ever made.
I think each bite has 1,000 calories.

But boy, was it ever tasty.
Have I mentioned I love chocolate almost as much as I love my children?
But I still love Mr Bird more than chocolate, hands down.

Lisa has the most gorgeous music room with the most beautiful instruments.
A baby grand, a stand up bass, a harp, a Cello plus violins and guitars and a mandolin.
This makes their home ideal for family jams. Plus she and all her kids are the most talented musicians I know.
Lisa played the piano while Mr Bird played the bass.

Jeni, Jason (her cure hubby) and Jo all played the violin.
Jo also plays the harp and the piano.
Jeni plays piano and her hubby, Jason, sings. He has a gorgeous voice.

When we have jams I feel like we are attending a personal concert.
The kids sort of wonder in and out. They pick up an instrument here and there, then trade it for a different one, as they please.

Baby Cakes had to try each and every percussion instrument he could find.

He and Doodle had a great time trading and playing together.

They played a song called Lover's Waltz.

It is a beautiful song and always makes me think of Mr Birds mom and dad. One summer Sunday a few Summers ago we were having a family jam in Lisa's front yard.

All the people who could play an instrument were playing. I don't remember the song but suddenly dad took mom by the hand and lifted her up. This was just at the time when she was starting to get sick. He took her in his arms and danced with her, right there in the lawn. No one else was dancing. He just held her close and danced, he did not seem to care that we were all watching them. It is one of the most tender memories I have of the two of them. That is how their marriage was. Sure they had their rough spots, just like we all do, but there was no question how much love they had. And they were not afraid to show it to all of us. Coming from a single parent family, I don't think they knew how much that moment impacted me.

So when I hear Lover's Waltz I always have that image of the two of them dancing. In my mind I can see her dancing still. I dream about the time when Mr Bird and I are old and grey and sick and still dancing, no matter who is watching.

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Sharida said...

I could just imagine her music room and listening to all of them playing. How fun!! They ARE so talented and I think it's awesome that Mr. Bird has picked up the Bass and can join along.

We miss you guys, it's been forever! And you know, the Mandarin sounds pretty darn good.