Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Spice of Life

Wouldn't life be boring without kids?
I often wonder what life would be like if, for some strange reason, we did not have our heathens.
I won't lie, there are moments I would trade them all in for a cruise of the Caribbean and the shot at being a normal person with a full time career.
But those moments are few and fleeting.
Those moments are usually right after the kids go tearing through the house like little Tasmanian devils and wake up Baby Cakes from his nap after only 20 minutes of precious sleep. Or when 2 or more of them come to me at one time crying and screaming to me, "So and so hit me!!!"
Or when the 3 year old puts yet another whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet, rendering it totally useless.
Usually once I get my cool back I can look at them and see the cuteness again.
At least 5 time a day I look at Baby Cakes and just laugh at his cuteness. His cute teeth, his cute "da,da,da,da,pthth.", his cute pitter patter steps, the back of his cute little smart head and ears and neck (I love, love, love that part of babies), his cute little pointy finger that's not quite straight, the cute way he laughs whenever he hears anyone flatulate.
Then there are the cute things that the heathens come up with.
Last night we went to a Chinese restaurant to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The waitress came over to take our order and Beano states at the top of his voice, "I want a burrito!"
Whoops, wrong venue for that, try again.
At the beginning of January Dubs graduated from Nursery into Sunbeams.
Let's just say he is not pleased with this adjustment.
Let's face it, I would not be happy either. In Nursery you get goldfish and colored marshmallows. Plus you get to play with toys and friends for over an hour. In Sunbeams they make you sit it a chair, by girls no less. And they make you sing songs, how torturous can they get?
So the first week in Primary he figured out he could get out of sitting by going potty.
He had to go 5 times that day.
The Primary President talked to me so I talked to Dubs. We made sure he went potty before church and we told him he would be allowed to go only once during Primary, after that his teachers would tell him no. So this morning we talked about Primary again and reinforced the potty rule. He told me he wanted to go to Nursery and I told him he was too big for Nursery, that place is for babies and that he gets to go to Primary with his friend Cameron. He seemed Ok but I guess he was not. Within the first 5 minutes of church the Primary president brought him to Mr Bird. I was teaching in Relief Society and Mr Bird had to conduct in Elders Quorum because his counselor showed up late. So poor Mr Bird had Baby Cakes and Dubs while trying to conduct the meeting. After he got the meeting off and going he took Dubs in the hall for a talk. Dubs decided to go back to Primary and was fine the rest of the time. When we got home I asked Dubs what happened and he said,
"I got took by the CTR patrol."
Where do they come up with this stuff?
Oh, the cuteness is hurting my heart, I just can't take any more!

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Julie said...

Madelyn had a really hard time making the switch from nursery to primary too. It seems like it took her a year to finally be happy to be in there.