Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Dress

Some of you have asked about the dress I wore in my last post.
I debated then weather I should mention the dress.
You all want to know where it came from and for what occasion it was originally intended.
Actually, and don't laugh, it's my favorite church dress.
I wear it when I teach in Relief Society.
It keeps all the old ladies from falling asleep.
Just kidding. Come on, you know you want one just like it.
Yes, it is very blue.
I call it electric blue.
It sorta hurts your eyes, blue.
You can't tell if you like it or not, blue.
OK, here's the scoop.
It was given to my by my sweet loving Sister-in-Law Lisa.
Her girls were in high school and going to proms every other week end.
Actually they were in home school high school but were being asked to every high school prom in town by all the high school boys because they are the most beautiful girls I know.
I seriously think my niece Jeni went to 3 or 4 proms in one year with that many different boys.
Anyhoo, Lisa loves shopping. She was in prom dress mode that year and found that one at Dillard's on clearance. She bought it, just in case.
One day when I was barely pregnant with Dubs we were at their house. Jeni had yet another prom to go to and was trying to decide which dress to wear. They pulled out all the dresses and we had a fun evening having a prom dress fashion show.
When I went home they sent the dress with me.
Her daughters never wore it.
I have never worn it out of the house.
When I got it home, the next week I had gained 5 pounds, which quickly turned into 20 more. The dress stayed in my closet during my whole pregnancy. I got it out a while after I had the baby but it still did not fit because I was nursing and, well, certain things were much, much larger. Now that all my babies are born and none are nursing anymore, it fits.
I just can't bring myself to put in on and walk out the door.
It's just so, so, so...
Blue. And shiny.
Doodle loves to play dress up and she insists that I play with her, since I have a very cool dress up dress.
Mr Bird loves it on me, for some strange reason.
I wore it one year for our Anniversary at home when I made a romantic dinner for two.
I love that dress because of all the fun things we've done at home with it, the Inaugural ball just makes me love it more.
Do you know what I think? I think you should all go get you prom dresses from high school and put them on and take a picture and post it on your blog.
I showed you the blue beast, now I want to see yours!!!
I triple dog dare you!

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FowersFive said...

Guess what Dreamer! The ward Valentine Dance this year is FORMAL. Yep. You totally need to come. It's your big chance to wear THE DRESS in public.

I'm not sure what I'm going to wear. I think I'm a bit curvier then I was in high school. (We'll just blame it on the fact that I haven't weaned Super D yet.)