Tuesday, July 8, 2008

OREO Anyone?

Don't adjust your screen, there is nothing wrong with this picture. I know, I know you're saying there is something very wrong with that OREO, that

it is not like any OREO you have ever seen.
Well, let me tell you with this crispy little cookie everything is right! Have you ever noticed that with traditional OREOs some people like only the white cream in the middle and some people only like the little chocolate cookies? I personally only like the little chocolate cookies. The white cream seems like sweet shortening and I can hardly gag it down. Doodle on the other hand loves the cream and hands over the cookies to me. We make the perfect OREO eating duo.
Let me tell you, the makers of OREO have solved this widespread dilemma for good. All they had to do was turn the cookie inside out! They put the vanilla on the outside and the chocolate on the inside! Perfect. Now the cream does not taste like flavorless sweet goop. It is way better than frosting. You want to know why? Because it actually tastes like fudge. That's right,

rich decadent fudge.
And the little cookies on the outside and perfectly crisp and delightful. Put them together and it is the perfect OREO. Needless to say I will not be going back to the old OREO anytime soon.

Disclaimer: I am in no way advertising for the OREO corporation (although I could be). All thoughts expressed in this thread are the sloe opinion of the writer. I can not be held responsible for your going out and buying a package of these decadent goodies and eating the entire package within 10 minutes, nor the consequential stomach ache that will ensue because of such behavior. Enjoy at your own risk.

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Amber said...

I love oreos. They have some oreo trivia question on the radio last week, you had to know how many flavors of oreo there were. It's like upwards of 60 flavors. I had no idea!

princessmomma said...

I am in love with these Oreos too. Of course, my husband gets upset when he does not get half the package to himself though. We usually have to buy some just for him and I share with the kiddos.

Mrs. Organic said...

At ;east with these new Oreos, everyone else won't be able to tell you've been eating them. ;)

Rae said...

How fun! My 9 year old is a die-hard Oreo fan. I wonder if she would like the reverse kind. I think I'll have to buy a package next time I'm at the store!

Just one tall girl named Laurel said...

I love the vanilla oreos with the light cookie outside and the white creamy middle. Tragedy that you don't like the cream! It's the best part. PS- have you had the Milk & Cookies shake at Cold Stone? Best. Oreo. Shake. Ever. Reminds me of that place in Stockton (University Yogurt?) near Brookside that had the good oreo shakes-- remember?

Veggiemomof2 said...

I've never tried that kind of oreo.