Sunday, July 27, 2008

Monte Cristo

Prepare to be stunned.

After the parade on Pioneer Day we went camping at the most scenic campground I have ever seen. We go here every year and every year it gets better and better. The colors are so vivid and bright. I did not adjust these pictures with photoshop. These are the actual pictures, untouched. In fact, i don't even know how to use photoshop.

The greens are so vivid they seem to be ready to just bust open with color any second.

The foliage is tall and majestic. Every inch of ground is covered in bright green grass and other fun things for 7 1/2 month olds to eat.

The hill sides are covered with mountain wild flowers. The kids were walking around with fist fulls all week end long.

There were beautiful hikes to be had. There were funky shaped trees to climb.

There were lots of cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents and sister in laws and brother in laws to play with and talk to all weekend long.

There were the perfect balance of pine trees and aspen trees.

There were the most beautiful flush toilets you have ever seen, a must have in any good camp ground.
And look at this. Beano is smiling for a picture! This is a rare sight indeed. If you wonder why there are not many photos of Beano on my blog it is not because I don't love him as much as my other kids. It's because he will not hold still for a photo. He hides his face or makes an awful glaring look that I'm ashamed to share with the world. Isn't he gorgeous.

The only thing missing was Mr Bird's mom.
This was the first Family camp out with out her. I felt the sting of that and know the others did as well. Her laughter did not ring in the trees.
She did not steel just a bite of grandpa's s'moore. She did not gather the wild flowers with her little Doodle. She did not have Deja (her cute little dogchild) at her heals for a trip to the bathroom.
She did not have her ball hat and hoodie all bundled up by the fire. She was not busy making dinner in the motor home. The kids did not crawl into bed with her in the morning.
I am trying so hard to teach my kids about the loss of their dear grandma and how everything will be ok. How we can all be together as en eternal family and how I can't wait for that day. Some days it almost seems bearable...almost.


FowersFive said...

I miss your mother-in-law too, just by reading your blog about her. You write so well that I'd read your blog even if I didn't know you.

We'll be at the park on Thursday, come hail or high water! See you then!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

What a lovely/bittersweet moment.