Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby Update

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I know, I know I talk about this cute baby a lot. Too much even. But hey, do you blame me? He is growing up and changing so fast. I feel like I'm missing it, yet I'm here all the time. Things that used to be so new and cool are now everyday occurrences. I hate that my caboose is having all these milestones. That means I will never see my baby sit up for he first time ever again. And do you see those cute little white things in his mouth? No not the apple slice, THE TEETH!!!!

My baby has teeth!

It's all very exciting and full of cuteness, but I have to say it's a bit depressing too. With Doodle the first everything was splendid bliss. Nothing less.

With Baby Cakes I just want to keep him little forever. It's really a sad feeling. I went into having this baby ready to cherish every moment knowing it will probably be my last. I cuddled him more and just held him close for the sake of holding him. Even if he was kicking and screaming trying to get loose. Somehow this time I'm stuck in fast forward. He's growing up way too fast. I can't handle it.He has the cutest little makeshift crawl going on. He gets on his hands and knees and rocks himself back and forth for a few seconds. Like he's revving up his engines, ready to take off. Then he launches himself forward in a grand belly flop and ends up a few inches closer to the crumb on the carpet he is intent on eating. Then he lifts himself up on hands and knees again, rocks and launch.

Knees, rock, launch, repeat.

It's really funny to watch.

He can pull himself up on little things like the dishwasher or my lap if I'm sitting on the floor. It's very sweet when I'm sitting there and he's on the other side of the room. Next thing you know he's climbing onto my lap. I love that.

The only problem is he keeps getting himself stuck in the most awkward places. Under chairs, dishwashers, the big baby toy. He must see crumbs that looks particularly enticing. He goes in for the kill and can't seem to back himself out.
So my question to you is this:

How can I make time stand still?


Amber said...

He is adorable!!

princessmomma said...

What a handsome little man!

If you figure out how to make time stand still, let me know. There are tons of precious things about my little girls that I never want to change.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Awww, this post makes me hold my new, and last, baby a little tighter. And, yes, those new little baby teeth are darling.

Meg in Tally said...

Cute, cute, cute! I know how you feel about the time going too fast. The only child God gave me is about to turn 17!!! The time goes wayyy too fast. They're babies and you turn around and they are almost 17! All you can do is enjoy every moment, every hug and every sloppy sugar...LOL!! {sigh}

The Lazy Organizer said...

Isn't it amazing how you can get so excited over these little things even with your fourth baby? Children never cease to amaze me. I mean...who would have thought my daughter would be reading at two months?