Sunday, July 20, 2008

Horses are Vegetarians

I was going through some pictures the other day. I do that when I start to feel hormonal. I get really sentimental. I start remembering my life when I only had one child. Life was easy then. She was cute and had no other monsters to get into trouble with. Look how cute and little she was. I was 7 months prego with Beano. I had no idea what adding another child to the mix would do. It's like adding Baking Soda to Vinegar. Want a fun experiment? Try that! Just be prepared to clean up big mess. Most of the time that is what I'm doing, cleaning up big messes
that I didn't make!
I digress. This post is really about the horses. I found these photos from 4th of July, 2003. These are some of my favorite pictures of all times. Time first time I saw them I laughed so hard I cried.
We had a BBQ at our house and had tons of left over watermelon rinds and corn on the cob. The horses loved our left overs. Doodle and her Uncle Steve had fun feeding the horses all those yummy left overs.

Until they came to the hot dogs that is.

You see, these hot dogs were your standard super market variety made from pork, chicken and beef. Plus heaven only know what fillers are in there. I don't want to know, thank you. I'm not listening to you! (Fingers in my ears, eyes closed, yelling LALALALALALALA!)

And horses are vegetarians!

They don't eat pork, chicken or beef, thank you VERY much!

Unless a sweet little one year old princess gives it to them!

I just have to say I had never seen a horse make that face before. I was still really new to the horse scene. Like I said I laughed so hard I cried. I have since found out what makes horses do that. Want to know? OK, I'll tell you.
It turns out horses have a very sensitive sense of smell. they also have olfactories (smellers) in their very sensitive lips. When they catch a whiff of something new or offencive they curl their lips like that to get a better smell.
Weird, huh?
There, see, you learn something new everyday!


Princess Momma said...

You got some great pictures there. I didn't know that about horses. You really do learn something new every day.

Richelle said...

That is very interesting. You DO learn something new every day! :)