Monday, June 23, 2008

Race Update

The stats are in! We came in 467 out of 546 teams in our category. Aren't you so impressed? I'm sure my picking wild flowers and looking for bugs had nothing to do with how slow we were...

I forgot to mention this guy in my last post. We found him driving on our way home. I have no clue where we were (my shirt said "Where am I?" for a reason). I just know the race was over and I could not get home fast enough. The next thing I know Kerilyn is yelling

That is the first real live moose I have ever seen. Isn't he beautiful? I also forgot to mention that Saturday was the hottest day of the year so far. And we were right in the middle of it running. Want to know something ironic? Hottest day of the year, yet Kerilyn's last run, you know the top part of the mountain we climbed, went right past patches of snow. Here she is throwing some of it at Mr. Bird!

We could literally feel the air cooling off the higher we went. Next year we are thinking of doing the relay they do in Washington state. Check out the maps of that race. It goes through Puget Sound right along the coast of Washington.
Can you imagine running along the coastline at night or when the sun is rising or setting over the ocean? I AM SO THERE!
Who's with me?!?

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Sharida said...

Your crazy. A good crazy. But I think I'll just enjoy your pictures!