Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I have been trying to come up with an alias for my darling hubby since I started this blog. Now I have it. I have to tell you a story first so it will make sense. We have a book that he LOVES to read to the kids. It is called The Best Nest. It is about Mr. and Mrs. Bird and their nest.

It starts out with Mr. Bird singing this song,
"I love my house,
I love my nest,
In all the world
This nest is best!"

It is a typical looking nest, not too fancy, not too plain, but it is their home.

Mrs. Bird decides she does not like the nest and wants to go find a bigger, better nest. They try many places and end up in the bell tower of the church. Only they didn't know it was the bell tower for the church!

So, Mr. Bird goes off to find food and leaves Mrs. Bird there. While he is out the guy comes along to ring the bell for the town. It frightens Mrs. Bird away.

When Mr. Bird comes back he is shocked and horrified that she is missing. He starts to hunt for her but can't find her and suspects the worst.

He ends up back at his first nest and is delighted and shocked to see Mrs. Bird!
Not only is she back at the old nest, but she is singing his song .

"I love my house,
I love my nest,
In all the world
This nest is best!"
She had decided that there was no nest like an old nest for a new bird. Low and behold she had a baby, out of nowhere!

My darling husband reminds me of Mr. Bird. He loves our house. It is not a huge glamorous mansion, but we love it. It is our home. He is always doing something to make it just a little better. We have brought our babies here and we love our nest.

So Happy father's Day Mr. Bird!

I love you so much for the wonderful father you are to our kids.


The Lazy Organizer said...

Shalom Mr. Bird!!!

Sharida said...

That's it...from now own Jay is Mr. Bird and nothing else! :) I love it!! lol