Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby Apples

My orchard is officially started! Last Saturday we Planted our first row of apple trees. We started by pulling out the nasty "spider bushes" form the front yard. I have no clue what the real name of these bushes is. We just call them spider bushes because spiders LOVE to build their homes in them. GROSS! I have hated those ugly bushes since day one. It only took 3 1/2 years to get rid of them! Good Riddance! The brick wall is next to come out and that area will become our raspberry patch.

Dubs thought the holes we dug for the trees was so cool to jump over. The kids had such a fun time "helping" plant the trees. You know how much help 3 year olds are. But we really wanted to make it fun for them so they could feel it was their orchard too. I love working with my kids. It feels a lot like playing to me. They were so excited.

We got two golden delicious and two Macintosh apple trees. The golden delicious trees already has tiny baby apples on them. They are so cute. We will end up cutting them of this year because the trees are still too little to support them. They need to focus on growing this year.
They need lots of water and lots of love!

Here is our cute little Doodle with her tree. Her favorite food in the whole world is apples. I think we picked the right fruit tree to start with!

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