Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fairy Dust Days

Have I mentioned
We live in the Perfect spot on earth. We have enough land to feel like mini farmers. Our neighbors have lived here forever and are always helping us figure this farm stuff out. So we get the beauty of the country but civilization is just 3 miles away. In fact I can take my morning runs and pass Target, Home Depot, Sam's Club and Wal-Mart in 5 short miles.
I Love our cute chickens and their wonderfully colorful eggs.

I love how fresh and all natural they are.

I love our pasture before the first cut of hay. It gets so long that Dubs is lost when he goes out there with the other kids. Not to mention the 3 shoes (all from a different pair) that will never be seen again. I love the sweet smell of the grass as it is being cut and dried in the sun.

I found these beautiful wild flowers the other day when I was on my way home from an early morning run. I must have looked like an loon running down our quiet road with a handful of flowers flapping in the breeze with their roots still attached.

Do you remember my post about Memorial Day? It turned out a yucky and rainy day this year. Well, it sure did end with a sparkle. Mr. Bird was fixing the kitchen sink and when he stood up this is what he saw from the kitchen window. What a perfect ending to that day. Isn't that a fantastic place for a rainbow? Just over our pasture and our cute horse, Shadow?

We have cotton wood trees that live across the street from us on the hill. This time of year all the cottony stuff blows in the wind and floats through the air. It is so pretty. Some people are allergic to the stuff, but not me. I think it looks like fairy dust. We went on canoe rides a couple of Saturdays ago and all the fairy dust was blowing on the water. I love to see it dance in the sky. I love to see the sun set through the fairy dust. I love to hear my kids laughing and look out to see the fairy dust all around them. It's almost magical.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures

Mrs. Organic said...

How nice to have the best of both worlds!

Rae said...

Definitely the best of both worlds: country & convenience. I would pack up and move your way if it wasn't for my horrific allergies to grass and the like. The thought of fresh cut grass drying in the sun makes my nose twitch. Of course I could just live on antihistamines! I can't wait to add chickens to my family. Your eggs are gorgeous!

Richelle said...

Sounds wonderful! I love when the "fairy dust" comes down from the trees, too.

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Oooh those speckly eggs are pretty!

~ Sarah