Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I've been Tagged-- Watch out you could be next!

Well, I'd never heard of being tagged, since I'm new to blogging. Thanks FowersFive for broadening my education!

Rules: Each player answers the questions then tags 4 new players. Leave a comment to let the tagger know when you are done

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
I had just gotten my mission call to the Canada Montreal Mission, French speaking. I would report to the MTC in mid August. I was trying to get all my mission stuff together. It was the hardest wait of my life. I just wanted to get started being a missionary. I was working at Bank of Stockton (in California) as a teller, trying to save every last penny I could. I was praying that my boy friend at the time would not get married while I was gone. He ended up married before I left my first area!

2. What are 5 things on my TO DO list for today?
*feed animals
*read to kiddos
*play outside in sprinklers
*clean up time
*play with daddy
*bed time
I know, way more than 5, but hey, we're busy around here!

3. What are snacks I enjoy?
Chocolate, popcorn, When I'm at Lagoon I love cotton candy, cherries, strawberries, Triscuits with cream cheese on them, when I'm camping I have to have S'moores, ice cream, Homemade chocolate chip cookies. I'm sure there are more, this is just the short list.

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
I would pay off our house. I would want to stay here or maybe buy our neighbor Jack's house. If he did not want to sell I'd offer to buy his land. Mr Bird would quit his job and stay home and help with homeschooling. We would teach the kids about different places and cultures then go there and see them first hand. We would start here in the states. We'd learn the history of each state and any cool things each state has then we'd go see it first hand. We'd learn about each of the American presidents then visit their home city. Then we would branch out into the rest of the world. We'd teach them about 3rd world countries then go there to see for ourselves how those people live. I would love to just leave and not come home for like a year or two. We would stay in different countries and find service opportunities and live in hostels and become a part of other cultures. I want my kids to see real poverty and extreme wealth. I want them to see suffering and easy living. I want them to experience different food and attitudes. I want to swim in all the oceans with them. I want us all to have a world class education, not just the kind you get from reading about places and things. The kind you get by being in historical places and seeing and smelling and hearing and tasting it all. Can you tell I really want to be a billionaire?!?!

5. Places I've lived:
I've lived in a lot of places so I'll just list the ones I remember
*McKinney, Tx
*Stockton, Ca
*Provo, Ut (MTC)
*Montreal, Canada
*Roy, Ut
*West Haven, Ut
*Riverdale, Ut

Ok, now how's next?
I'm tagging Julie, Lara, Brittany and Sharla.
Tag, You're IT!!!


Sharida said...

If you become a billionaire can I go with you? You've got it all planned out, I wouldn't even know where to start! I love reading new things about people and aren't ya glad your boyfriend married? You'd never have Mr. Bird! :)

Dreamer said...

Oh, so glad he married! I wouldn't trade mr. Bird for that silly guy any day. And yes you can come with me. After all I'd be a billionaire, right. I could afford to bring a few frinds along. The thing is you'd have to homeschool. In fact I may just want to take all my homeschool frinds :)

Just one tall girl named Laurel said...

Hey lady! I'm so glad you sent an email with your blog address! We can connect over the bloggosphere now! Love all the pics! The fam is sooo cute! Saw G-ma and your mom at Christmas-- they were excited about your baby #4!!! Can't believe how cute everyone is (well, I can-- cute parents, cute kids.) PS- did you hear Stephen Adams just got engaged? I know! Who knew?!