Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's a Funny Thing

Time, it's a funny thing.
Sometimes it seems as if life is zooming by at break neck speeds.
You look at your baby girl and realize she has been here nearly 9 whole years.
That's more than twice as long as high school.
And high school seemed to last FOREVER.
Yet, those 9 years seem to have gone by in the blink of an eye.
Some weeks have barley begun before you are in the weekend again, regardless of weather or not you got all of the items on your to do list completed.
Then there are weeks that drag by, every hour seems to last a whole day.
Then there is pregnancy time.
It's a whole other ball game.
In "normal life" time 18 weeks would fly by and spring would be here tomorrow.
But in pregnancy time 18 weeks may as well be 18 years.
I feel like this baby is never going to be born, like it's just some sort of fantasy.
I feel like the weeks take years, slowly ticking away.
I kept thinking the holidays would speed things up and that Christmas would be here before I could blink, but not this year.
Time is like slow, sticky molasses to me right now.
I suppose I should just enjoy it for once.
I should just enjoy my kids right here where they are and be glad they are not growing so fast, at least for the next 18 weeks that this time warp lasts.
Because we all know that once pregnancy time is over, the post pregnancy time flies by at triple speed.
Before you can even take a hot shower you look down and you have a 1 year old.
Time, it's a funny, funny thing.
And this week, it's torturing me! I hope I can keep my sanity for the next 18 painful, deliriously slow weeks.


Just Lara said...

Time is a dreadful thing. Always moving too fast or too slow. You are going to have a long cold winter I'm afraid. Much better than a long hot summer though. Spring babies are the best because then you aren't stuck indoors with a newborn. I don't know though. We're having fun snuggling our baby all day in front of the fire! Just come up and visit us whenever the waiting gets unbearable. We can talk about babies while the kids play in the snow.

Tina said...

Well said Sara! I was going to ask on Facebook how far along you were... but I thought I might mind the answer here! I'm about 14 weeks pregnant and I'm feeling the same way! Although I only have a 3 and half year old...
Good luck with everything!