Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Better Way

Newborn Doodle April 2002

When I was expecting Doodle I had a great idea.
My sister and I were talking about childbirth and she told me of the experiences she had had in delivering her first 3 babies at home with a midwife.
I knew right then and there that I wanted to birth my baby at home.
It seemed so natural and sweet to me. I wanted a quiet birth, on my own turf.
I looked over at Mr Bird and he immediately started shaking his head.
He would not hear one word of any of it.
We were going to the hospital were there are doctors and emergency supplies.
I saw how resistant he was and decided not to push the issue.
I did not get online and research midwives or their safety practices.
I did not read natural child birth books.
I let the doctors and nurses tell me what to do every step of the way.
When the pain got unbearable because of the petocin, I got the epidural.
I was dilated to a 10 and ready to push for 20 minutes before my doctor finally got there and they let me push.
He came for the pushing and was there less than an hour total for the whole 16+ hour labor.
I knew I wanted something different for the next baby.
With every pregnancy home birth was on my mind.
With every pregnancy Mr Bird shot the very idea out of the water.
I found a midwife that delivers babies in the hospitals and she was amazing.
I loved her to death.
She was with me for a lot of labor, helping me to find a better position, telling Mr Bird where to rub my back, fending the nurses off with a stick every time they'd ask if I was ready for an epidural.
I had my boys with no pain meds. She was so great.
I can't tell you the difference between her and that silly doctor.
Still, there were a lot of things that I did not want with those births.
The I.V. bas, the being strapped to the bed (or the general vicinity) to accommodate the fetal monitors and blood pressure cuff.
Nurses in the room every 5 minutes all night long, making sleep a thing only to be dreamed of.
The hospital still had their protocol that I hated.
This time things will be different.
When Mr Bird and I were going through negotiations of weather or not to have another baby we had all but agreed we wanted to add to our family.
He said if we could go the whole pregnancy without finding out the gender, we was game.
He wanted the experience when the baby is born and some one yells, "It's a boy!"
I quickly agreed, and added my demand.
"I want to have this baby at home."
To my udder shock and surprise, he said YES!
To be continued...

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Exciting! I can't wait to hear more.