Monday, November 8, 2010

Foiled Again...

It's a big deal when you're expecting.
There are clothes to be bought and blankets to be made.
There are bumper pads and curtains to think about.
I am a planner.
Which bedroom will this little being claim, the girl's room or the boys?
And don't even get me started on names.
Mr bird did not want to find out the gender when I was pregnant with Baby Cakes.
About half way through the pregnancy I could not stand it any more.
Especially since my midwife's office did an ultrasound at every single prenatal appointment.
I told Mr Bird I was planning on finding out the gender at my next appointment and that I'd keep it a secret for his benefit if he would like.
He said if I knew he may as well know, too.
He knows me too well, I'd slip somehow and ruin it for him before the end of the pregnancy.
I had my heart set on a little girl, a sister for Doodle.
When the midwife told me it was a boy I was literally in shock.
I had KNOWN it was a girl.
I nearly started crying. I could not take my eyes off the monitor to look at my family, I would have totally lost it.
Somehow I held it together until I got on the road and then I cried all the way home.
Even then I thought she was mistaken and she'd tell me at my next appointment that I was really carrying a girl.
No such luck, he stayed a boy.
I can admit that now because nearly 3 years later I love that little boy fiercely.
I would not trade him for 100 sisters for Doodle.
He has been the joy and light in our family that I don't think we could ever be without.
SO, back to this pregnancy.
During pregnancy negotiations Mr Bird said I could only get pregnant if we did not find out the gender for really reals this time.
Of course I said yes, I would have said yes to almost anything at that point.
You all know how much I wanted another baby, that sounded like music to my ears.
But now...
I am going crazy.
I can't even walk past the fabric section at Wal-Mart without getting restless.
My brain wants to plan.
I want drawers full of clean baby clothes all ready for the moment the baby comes into the world.
I want coordinating diaper bags and car seat covers.
I want blankets and baby socks galore.
I want to sew something so badly!
And forget about yellow and green everything, I'd rather have a naked baby for months than yellow and green.
So I thought of a plan.
You know how it seems like everyone you know is either having boys or girls at the same time?
They come in waves.
For months everyone has nothing but boys, then suddenly there are no boys to be found and girls top the charts.
For the last year I don't know one single person that has had a girl, they've ALL been boys.
I know 6 women that are due within a month of my due date, my cute niece Tiffany and I even share the very same due date.
I figured I'd just wait to find out what they are all having and I'd just know that my baby would be the same, it's just how these things work.
Well, even that plan has been foiled.
So far 4 of the women have found out what they're having.
Guess what the stats are?
Yep!Girls 2, boys 2.
Now how am I supposed to find out the gender??!?!
Looks like the tides are changing.
The question is, which wave will I be riding?

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