Thursday, January 14, 2010

My (not so) Lucky Day!

Look what showed up at my door this morning!
Imagine my surprise when Beano shoots down the stairs at lightening speed to tell me someone's at the door.
We had just started our school day and I was a little annoyed at the interruption.
Then I saw these gorgeous flowers and immediately everything was all better.
My mind raced as I wondered who they could be from.
The only answer was Mr Bird, of course.
But why, what is the occasion?
Birthday? Nope, not til August.
Anniversary (Oh crap, did I forget this time)? Nope, June.
Valentine's Day is still a month away.
Maybe they were because I have been sick this week and he just wanted to brighten my day.
Those are awfully nice flowers for a cold.
Maybe he felt sorry for me that I am brewing 3 cold sores at the moment.
No, they had not reached the surface until after he left for work.
Hmmmm, he has been known to do this sort of thing just because.
My mind raced the whole 5 seconds it took for me to walk them over to the counter and pull the card off the little stemmy thingy.
Then I got my answer.

Well, I am not Millie and Mr Bird is not Jake.
But our neighbors are Jack and Mollie.
Plus Jack and Mollie used to live in this house, then they built their dream mansion right next door.
Yup, the flowers were undoubtedly meant for them, not me.
We get their mail quite a bit actually.
We never get their bills or junk mail though.
At Christmas time we are teased with huge packages with mysterious contents form far away loved ones.
Their annual gourmet chocolate gift has come to our door every year since we moved in.
~And now this~
All I can say is I can't stand being teased one more second.
It's OK, it made it all better when I saw the look on Mollies face as I delivered her flowers.
Her whole face brightened and she explained that today is their 60th wedding anniversary.
Boy, I'm glad I did not just pretend I had not clue who Jake and Millie were and just kept them for myself.
Like I would even think about such a thing! Pishaw
Happy Anniversary Jack and Mollie!
Maybe by the time I get to my 60th anniversary my friends will be sending me flowers and gourmet chocolates...


Viki said...

Those flowers are beautiful. Wow, 60 years. That really is a long time. I hope you get those flowers for your 60th and maybe even before.

Cabbage Patch said...

I'll send you flowers on your 60th Wedding anniversary- after all, I was at your wedding!

Charlotte said...

To get all excited for a "just because" gift only to find they aren't for you. How sad. It's like when the UPS man comes and I'm all excited, until I realize the package is from my husband's work. Blah.

Maybe you should start taking a delivery tax out of the gourmet chocolates every year :)

Helene said...

That's happened to me before too...but a long time ago. My neighbor's flowers were accidentally delivered to our house and I remember as I signed for them I was all excited. But I know what you mean about seeing the excitement on your neighbor's face when she saw the was kinda worth the mistake, right?

I'll bet if you told your hubby that story and then add, "I was happy for her but kind of disappointed that they turned out NOT to be for me", he'll surprise with your very own bouquet!

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

kind of bitter sweet... or sweet and bitter. Cute story though. And way to try and make it positive.