Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blow Torches and Oxygen Tanks

Hello Mr Bird!
Happy Birthday!
Even if I am more than a week late.

We are all so glad you had a birthday so we could eat our annual serving of the world's fattening-est cake ever!
It's funny to me that you still insist on putting the correct number of candles on your cake, and that the only way to light them all is with a blow torch.
I am so glad you did not burn down our lovely home.
I wonder what you will do when you're 80 and no longer have the lung capacity to blow out all those flames.
I hope you will not burn down the retirement center.
I hope your oxygen tank will not explode with all your grandchildren and great grandchildren watching.
That would be tragic.

Here's a great big kiss form your loving family.
We are so glad you were born.
We love you for the wonderful husband and father that you are.
You amaze me everyday with your love and patience.
I am so lucky to have you!


Viki said...

Too funny, your husband looks so intent on getting all the candles lit LOL.

Charlotte said...

I gave up on the right number candles a long time ago. I'm so bad that even my kids get the number shaped candles instead on one for each year.

The Lazy Organizer said...

That cake doesn't look big enough to be fattening or to hold the proper number of candles.

Happy Birthday old man!

2busy said...

I've never thought about lighting cake candles with a blow torch...Very clever...I'd certainly need one to light all of mine.

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