Monday, January 4, 2010

Mammoth Hill

Have you ever listened to The Great Sled Race by Bill Harley?
It's like talk theater, with his guitar.
It's hilarious.
Here's a synopsis:
"(guitar assisted story) After a debate over who received a better sled for Christmas and Hanukkah, Harley and another kid challenge each other to a race down Mammoth Hill. The tone and progression of the story reminded my wife and I of Casey at Bat, but instead of mighty Casey striking out, the kids slide wildly downhill, across an intersection and into Mrs. Tarbuckle, the wife of Mr. Tarbuckle, the school principal.

The next thing I know
Something hits my chest
I don’t know north from south or east or west
The sleds are crowded
There’s not much space
Because Mrs. Tarbuckle’s joined the race.

Not to ruin the story, but the ending includes Dead Man’s Curve and a fire truck’s ladder extracting Mrs. Tarbuckle from a tree."

This is Mr Bird's favorite story.
He made me listen to it before we even had kids.
Like 20 times.

Now that we have children, it's even funnier.
There's even a lesson plan we can do for the kids on his blog all based on this funny story.
I feel a home school lesson perfect for a cold January afternoon coming...
You really must listen to it.
Unfortunately it's copyrighted so I can't share it here on my blog, but you can download it (and all of his other hilarious work) online for a small fee.

In the story when the two kids are bragging about whose sled is cooler one boasts of his having afterburners.
Since the weather on Saturday was a balmy 39 degrees and sunny we decided to celebrate with a sledding day.
It made me chuckle when we were on the way home, Dubs says, "My sled had flames shooting out the back. They made me go speedy fast, but they did not melt the snow!"
I do have to say, the packed snow made for some speedy trips down the hill.
I'm not a speed demon.
But for Dubs, it's all about SPEED (and apparently flames)!

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