Thursday, January 28, 2010

Love Hate

I Love Lego's
But I also Hate Lego's

I love the hours upon hours of imaginative play my kids get form these tiny toys.
If I pull out the Lego bin in the afternoon I will literally not see my boys until I call them for family jobs or dinner.

I love the things they create without directions, they just come up with these things all on their own.
I love the bonding all the boys get with each other while sharing a common passion.

I love the things Lego's have taught my children, like water tension.
Did you know that right after mom gets out of the shower and the mirror is all steamy that the Lego's will stick?
We learned all about water tension in my bathroom that day.
And it was the coolest thing ever because they figured it out all on their own, I did not have to show them that one.
I don't think I would have even thought to try that, but they did.

And that's what I love about Lego's.
They make my children think, but they really think they're playing.

This is what I hate about Lego's.
For some reason they cannot be contained.
They always end up all over the floor and the table and under everything.
When I put the Lego bin away I still find Lego's for a week after.
They like to hide.
Then some boy will find a half put together thing-a-ma-bob and the next thing you know all of them are swarming over it and fighting about who gets to play with the three stray pieces.
Then there is fighting and crying and sometimes hitting.
I really hate that.
I also hate stepping on them in the middle of the night on my way to the bathroom.
I really hate that.
But I really do love Lego's...


Shar said...

Good luck with that. I'm not sure this is a battle that is even possible to win. What I hate about Legos? And I don't even have any kids. Stepping on them with your barefeet in the middle of the night because they were left out. Ack! Or getting them stuck in the vacuum cleaner.

Now, if the Lego makers were smart, they would make a Roomba that picks up Legos when the kids are done playing.

April Mitchell said...

Ah Yes, the Lego battle...I know it well. In my 10 years of Lego tolerance I have not even one tip for you to make it more bearable. Drawers, dividers, table, vacuuming up the strays...nothing helps. I have managed to keep them banished to one room though and this helps. all I can offer is my deepest sympathies and condolences with your plight.

Charlotte said...

I find legos in every corner and crevice of my house constantly! It really makes me crazy (especially when I step on them), but not crazy enough to get rid of them. That would truly be insanity!

Chanelle said...

I love Legos, too! I didn't know about the neat mirror trick, though, and I'm going to show that to my son.

But, I have my son play legos on a huge sheet and only on that sheet. When he's done he picks up the corners of the sheet and puts it in a huge tupperware bin. If I find legos on the floor I throw them away. Yes, I do! I rarely find legos on the floor.

Jackie said...

My husband says that all the smart kids growing up had legos.
You kids must be geniuses!

The Lazy Organizer said...

I don't know what's wrong with my children but they don't really play with Legos. I finally just put the box in the basement and we pull it out about twice a year. They play with them all day long for one or two days and then they're done for another six months. Weird.