Thursday, December 11, 2008

When Your Birthday is in December

When your birthday is in December people say it kind of gets skipped over.
We would not know, it's the first Birthday we've ever celebrated in December and as far as I can tell it was a blast. Whenever baby cakes entered a room he was greeted by spontaneous renditions of Happy Birthday.
The kids were so excited about his Birthday. Dubs could not understand why he is one now, but he still can't speak. I guess he figured something magical happens when babies turn one and suddenly they wake up with the ability to speak. But alas, he was disappointed, no speaking, yet.

We were not sure our donut seeds would grow. We went out early in the morning to plant them and the ground was frozen solid. We finally settled on sprinkling the cold hard dirt with donut seeds and magic sprinkles. We added extra magic since the ground was so cold.
We were hopeful they would grow, but we just could not be sure.

Low and behold when daddy came home from work he found full grown donuts all ready to be harvested!


Apparently, when you plant donut seeds in December, on the cold hard dirt, that makes them grow red and white, just the colors of candy canes. He's so lucky!

(that was Doodle's observation, by the way!)

Even after a big dinner that cutie patootie finished off a whole donut. If that will not make him gain weight I don't know what will. Some how this baby ended up way smaller than all the others. At his one year check up he is still in the -5% (he's classified as failure to thrive, whatever that means) for weight and went from 20% to 10% in height. He just does not want to grow. He is about the size of most 7 month olds. He weighs in at a whopping 17 pounds and 10 ounces. All of my other babies were over 20 pounds by the time they turned one.

When your birthday is in December you are pretty much doomed to

Christmas wrapping paper

for the rest of your life. And when your the 4th child you have lots of help unwrapping gifts. Not to mention lots of help playing with your toys!

Happy Birthday, baby.
We sure do love having you and your dirty clothes around!


Chanelle said...

What a cute post! Happy Birthday to your little one. Mine and my husband's birthday is also in December and I love it, he hates it! But, my mother always made it separate from Christmas and fun and his mom almost always combined them. So I feel like if you make a big deal out of his birthday every year he'll grow up to love it. (My husband enjoys better now, that I make a big deal out of it ;) ) Merry Christmas and again Happy Birthday to your little one!

Julie said...

Your kids are all sooo cute!

shopannies said...

I love this idea of birthday donut what a cool idea and he really did look like he loved them

Kady said...

I so get the birthday in december birthday i just had mine yesterday ... your kids are so cute i'll claim being related no matter how distant