Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baby's First...

Can you guess what 'first' I am referring to?
First step?
First words.
Not yet.
First Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich perhaps?
Wrong again.
Baby Cakes got his very first stomach virus last night. Since he is technically one year old I could feed him our family lunchtime favorite, but alas, he is sick-o.
Dubs started off the puke fest around 11 pm and Baby Cakes joined in the party around midnight.
Poor baby, he puked every 10-15 minutes until almost 2am. Here is something how our night went. Puke sounds, mom and dad come running, one cleans kid, the other cleans bed. Put baby back to bed, Lysol everything we touched, wash hands, go back to bed, repeat, again and again and again.
The washer was running non stop all night, and I still have a load waiting for me to rinse so I can start it.
Do I have to? Why me?
Oh ya, I almost forgot, cuz I'm the mom.
* yipee for me*
Why does it seem we end up with the stomach virus every December? I am always hoping it will leave as soon as possible so none of us have to be sick on Christmas. Now that we have so many people living here one of these years I know it will last the whole month and Christmas will be ruined.
I don't want to clean up puke on Christmas!!!
I want to be busy opening presents and eating fresh baked cinnamon rolls and taking a nice peaceful nap and visiting family and singing Christmas songs and eating fudge, without having to scrub it out of the carpet at 2 am!
Is that too much to ask for? I almost want to let the other kids drink from their cups so they'll hurry up and get it before Christmas comes. Is that mean? Or just plain disgusting?
Hey, I never said I was going to, it was just a temptation.
Temptations are only sins if you act on them.
I won't, I won't that is just gross and wrong.

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