Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let Them Eat Cake!

I know we already planted donut seeds for Baby's First Birthday, but I just could not let it pass without a face full of cake!
It's tradition!
We opted for homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.
My favorite!
He thought it was a cute cake! I had to show him what to do, he did not want to touch it at first.
What a well behaved child!
After he touched it he did not quite know what to do with it. He was a little annoyed by his sticky fingers.

Ok, I'll take just one little taste.
Oh, ya, that's good stuff!

It wasn't long before all the kids got a fork and they just all went at it.
Hey, less dishes for me to wash, right!

Over at the Lazy Organizer she is talking about stuff today.
About how much of it we have and how it wastes our time and money and space.
She'll love what we did for gifts for Baby Cakes. A few weeks before his big day I got to thinking about what to get him for his birthday. The thought of buying more "stuff" just did not sound appealing to me. We have storage FULL of toys that the kids rotate through. We usually only have 1 or 2 bins out at a time so it all stays organized and easy to find all the parts and pieces to certain sets. When they are done with a bin and want to trade it for a new one they have to get all the pieces and clean up the bin they have. Then I put it away and get out a new one. It seems I waste far too much time putting "stuff" away in this house and I could not stand the thought of more of it!

I have heard of people wrapping up toys they already had for their tiny kids.
After all, they'll never know the difference, right?
But then I thought, Doodle and Beano will know. They will rat me out to the Baby.
Unless I get them in on it with me.
So that's just what I did. I pulled them aside and asked them what they were going to get Baby Cakes for his Birthday. They came up with things like my stuffed frog, or a paper airplane
(Beano loves making paper airplanes, that's another post for another day).
Then I piped up.
"I know! What about all those baby toys under the stairs that you never play with anymore. We could go through them while he's napping and find some to give to him. He would LOVE that!"
I was met with a chorus of "Oh, YA!", "Great idea", "Can we do it RIGHT NOW?"
Needless to say they loved the idea.

Now we are all happy. I got a chance to go through and get rid of some baby toys, the kids felt the joy of giving to their baby, Baby Cakes got cool and exciting toys to slobber on and the kids were thrilled to see some of their old things again.
And best of all, it did not cost me a dime!
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Lindy said...

Now that is an awesome idea! If you look at the big picture, not only does it save on "stuff" at your house, but the environment as well. No extra cardboard to throw away, no wasted gas going to the store to buy stuff... and you spent NOTHING! Yahoo!

Shar said...

You're a fun Mom. Yum. Carrot cake. MMmmmmmmm:)

earthlingorgeous said...

That is an awesome idea. Wow the kid loved the carrot cake! Cool decorating it :) Happy Holidays!


Amy said...

It's always so fun when they get excited about their birthday cake! And that is a great idea for the gifts. Your baby really won't know the difference. :)

Anonymous said...

What a cute cake! And great idea regarding the gifts.

FowersFive said...

It's eerie to me how alike we are! I was just thinking along those same regifting lines. What a shame to buy new toys when no one has played with all our really awesome baby toys for FIVE years! Hope you enjoy your books!

The Lazy Organizer said...

Man you are cheap!! Baby cakes is going to need a lot of therapy when he finds out about this!

Kidding! You are so smart and good at making cow cakes. Cute!!