Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Poopy Commentary

Warning: You are about to get WAY more information than you probably wanted about my boys. If this type of information is offensive to you in any way feel free to not read this post! If you do chose to read, you've been warned. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

I awoke this morning to the funniest little conversation happening in the bathroom.

Beano and Dubs always wake up and go potty together, every morning, it's tradition.

Sometimes they even pee simultaneously standing up. I hate it when they go that, as you can imagine it ends up spraying most of the bathroom.

Anyway, back to this morning.

Recently Beano has discovered what the "hole" in boys unders is really intended for.

So this morning he was showing Dubs how to use it. When he was done he said,

"See now I just zip up and I'm done."

Now, I was not in the bathroom, I was listening from the comfort of my nice warm flannel sheets and thick blankets, still wiping the goop from my eyes. None the less I could imagine the look of wonder on Dubs's face at this new information. He began to ask Beano all about it. Here is a little of what followed:

Dubs: Is your butt in there?

Beano: My button?

Dubs: No, is you butt in there?

At this point I am giggling to myself, knowing what Duds was referring to.

Beano: Which button, the button to my pants, ya, it's right here.

Dubs: (getting frustrated) NO, YOUR BUTT!!!

Beano: Oh, my bum?

Dubs: Ya, is your bum in there?

Beano: My bum where the poo comes out (apparently not sure as to which bum he was refering)?

Dubs: Ya, your bum where poo comes out, is it still in there?

Beano: Ya, I don't have to pull my bum out, just my pee part!

Dubs: Oh.

Now isn't that nifty information for a 3 year old to have? I can just imagine the loads of laundry in my future as this dear sweet angel tries to hone this new found skill.

Oh, joyous me!

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Anonymous said...

What a great conversation! Aren't boys great?? You will hear many more hysterical discussions like that.

BecauseImTheMommy said...

Out of the mouth's of babes! I enjoy this more than I should, despite the TMI. ROFLOL

Stephanie and Co. said...

That is funny! I love that it's a "pee part."
Hey, the Wasatch Back team I ran with is a ex-WSU runner team, but if I hear of any other teams who need a runner, I'll let you know!

Rebecca said...

LOL! And one day you can show this post to the little girlfriends they bring home. ;) BTW, standing up peeing at the same time is called "crossing the swords" according to my husband. :rollseyes:

Rebecca said...

You're more than welcome to listen to my play list! :D I leave it open off and on throughout the day too, gets me in the mood & some of them make me laugh.