Monday, March 15, 2010

The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow

Spring 2009

Dear Spring,

I have longed for you for the longest time. Your sunny rays are just starting to flirt with the back of a winter storm. Soon there will be more sunny days than cold dreary ones. I can't wait. Today I saw your warmth peak through, then claim the day in full glory. We had so much fun riding bikes up and down the driveway about a million times and playing in the dirt. The flowers feel your rays, too. The Day Lillys are starting to peak through the fresh moist soil. It was therapy for my soul to pull away the dead leaves and weeds to give them all the room they need to grow and blossom. And then there is the strawberry patch. The new little fuzzy strawberry leaves have appeared and with it the promise of their sweet fruit. We dug around their roots and pulled out the dead leaves, hoping all the while for a bounteous harvest. It will not be long until I will not be able to keep the children from searching for the sweet ripe berries. Our apple trees are starting to get just the slightest hint of buds. I don't want to miss a moment of your fleeting glory. I want to watch you open our apple blossoms and see the bees buzz around the tiny petals. I want to thrust my face heaven ward and feel your soft warmth on my cheek. I want to hear my children laughing in your tender care. I want to see your raindrops and dream of the vegetables you promise with each drop of rain. I can't wait to see the first leaves on our grape vines and watch as they slowly grow to be as big as the palm of my hand. It all seems so miraculous and magical and wondrous. I want to discover our parks and trails and mountains again that we have missed so much the last few months. I want the fairy dust days to return and to dream about fairy homes and dance with the fairies. I want to till and plow and plant. I want to watch the tiny florescent green leaves of a new plant emerge from our fertile ground. I want to bask in you. With my family. Then, if only for a while, everything will be perfect.
Love, Me
P.S. Thank you for a wonderful day! I love you.

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