Sunday, March 14, 2010


I am the Sunbeam teacher in my ward at church.
That means I get the teach the smallest children in primary.
They are 3 years old.
There are 5 of them.
Every Sunday.
I have been the Sunbeam teacher in 4 different wards.
It was the very first calling I ever received after I graduated Young Women's.
You'd think I'd be a pro at it by now, but apparently I still have more to learn.
About Sunbeams.
When the primary president asked me to teach the sunbeams, I'm not going to lie, I was a little let down.
I thought, Really? Again?
They have a lot of energy and I am getting old, and tired.
Now that it has been a few months I must admit, I LOVE it.
I have fallen head over heals in love with those kids.
I never loved any of my other Sunbeams like I love these ones, and one of my past Sunbeams was my very own nephew!
But for some reason these kids have stolen my heart.
Brenner is to die for. He has the biggest brown eyes I have ever seen. He looks at me and I absolutely melt. That's it, I'm a gonner.
He could probably get away with what ever he wanted if he were my own child, it's a good thing he's not. To go along with thos eyes he has the sweetes disposition and when he sings Popcorn Popping it sends me to cloud nine.
Then there's Nate. I have never seen a boy as loving as Nate. As soon as he sees his siblings in primary he does a bee line straight for them. Then it's hugs and kisses and lap sitting with his favorite people. It is so fun to watch. I just can't bring myself to make him sit in his seat.
And that boy says the funniest things. He is constantly keeping me rolling.
Rylee is our shy one. Her first Sunday in primary she was really nervous and did not want to come into our class. Once she found out we sing and have snacks and color and play she loves it. She has really opened up to us and I love seeing her sweet personality.
Now she sits on my lap every week, half the time she ends up falling asleep!
Kalli was made for primary. From day one she sat in her seat (most of the time), answers all the questions and sings all the songs. She loves her little friends and is surprisingly articulate.
Elli loves to pray, all by herself. It is so precious for me to see her fold her tiny arms up and squeeze her eyes shut and speak to our Father in Heaven.
I often wonder why I love these ones more than the others.
The others were every bit as cute.
Every bit as funny.
Every bit as loving.
I think the change has been with me.
I was not a mother the other times I had this calling.
I see in these children the things I see and love in my own children.
I have the experience in what is fun to 3 year olds from being the mom to my own 3 year olds.
And now those things are fun to me too.
Being a mother has shown me how to love more like the Savior loves.
I can see them like the Savior sees them and I have completely, 100% fallen in love with these kids.
I love seeing them in the hall and having them come up to me with a hug and telling their parents, "There's my teacher!"
I love hearing them sing and pray.
I love looking into their beautiful eyes and hearing them laugh.
I even love watching them eat their snacks.
Everything about them is precious to me.
I can't think of anything I would not do for them.
It makes me think about Christ's love for me.
He loves me so unconditionally.
There is nothing He would not do for me.

In fact, He already has!


Mrs Soliz said...

I so love Sunbeams! In fact, I think that was my favorite calling ever. Those little guys just melt my heart!

Charlotte said...

I was just releases as the Sunbeam teacher. I loved the calling (but told them it would be better for my own child if I didn't teach his class).

Julie said...

So glad my little Nathan has you and Ann!