Sunday, February 28, 2010


We try to keep Nude-y magazines out of the house.
But apparently one slipped in.
At one of our excursions to D.I., our favorite thrift store, we found the most amazing collection of National Geographic magazines.
I think they were just trying to get rid of them because they were priced at 10 for $1.00.
That's right, just 10 cents each.
I could not resist. I grabbed a cart and went to town.
The photos are amazing.
Some of them are more than a decade old, but most of the information still seems relevant.
Take the January 1997 issue.
There's a fantastic article called Beneath the Tasman Sea.
Some of the creatures there look like fantastical monsters. We just stared with our mouths gaping open page after glossy page.
How they got those shots I'll never know, but I'm sure glad they did.
It is very unlikely that I'll ever see the bottom of the Tasman Sea in person, but I feel so lucky to have seen a glimpse of it.
Thank you National Geographic!
Their web site is amazing as well.
National Geographic was there for us when we were studying ancient Egypt and King Tut.
We had read books and seen pictures, but National Geographic was there with their cameras rolling as they took the mumified body from it's centuries long rest in the tomb.
We saw King Tut's remains as if we were there first hand.
It was gross, but the kids and I were enthralled with the discovery.
And just this morning we were all relaxing in the living room, each parent and child holding his own wondrous magazine when Beano pipes up, "Look dad!"
Dad looked and saw our ever so small boy looking at a naked lady.
Oh dear!
Then we decided National Geographic really is Geographic.


WinterWrite said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Too funny Sara. Well, at least they are educational too! :)

Karen said...

I'm addicted to D.I. book bargains. I hadn't thought to look at the magazines! That's a great idea. I'll remember to preview them before setting them out :-)

Charlotte said...

Either way, a definite educational experience.

I don't have DI's nearby and the goodwill is TINY and rarely has great bargains, so I'm jealous.

Just one tall girl named Laurel said...

I remember always flipping through NatGeo at grandma's house. The pics were mesmerizing. I honestly think it was those mags that inspired the travelbug that later bit me. Educational resource for a dime! Can't beat that.

Jessa said...

AHHH!!! i can't find those at D.I. anymore! I'll buy those magazines from you when you're done with them,I'll do it for five times as much money as you first got them! Please...? And do you have ones from 2008?! Do you have one with a border collie on the cover?!? PLEASE let me buy some from you!(i don't want the King Tut one though.)