Thursday, September 10, 2009

To Vegan or Not To Vegan, That is the Question!

Photos: June 2007

I had a most disturbing thought today.
It was enough to question the fact that I am an omnivore.
This small fact alone may be grounds for me to give up meat all together, forever.
I may be looking at a life as a strict herbivore.
That's right people, I'm talking vegan here!
As I was walking on my treadmill this morning I overheard Beano and Doodle and Dubs discussing the nasty little eight legged home invader they had just slain on my behalf.
They started to talk about the fact that said arachnid had been full of babies when the assassination occurred (remember my factoid about spiders moving indoors when it starts to get chilly in order to brood?).
Beyond gross, nasty beyond description or imagination. The thing was absolutely massive.
Moving on...
Doodle commented on how it was a good thing we killed it when we did or her babies would have been born alive.
Then Dubs carried that thought on and pointed out that their babies would have babies and that those babies would have babies and on and on forever and ever.
Then Beano verbalized my worst nightmare.
"Then the whole world would be covered with spiders!"

My self defense kicked right in and I pointed out that the pretty birds I was watching from the window as I walked would take care of all those nasty buggers.
There were 5 or 6 magpies on the lawn savaging for their breakfast.
At that moment I had never been happier to see a flock of birds in all my life.
I then blurted out that

spiders and all bugs are nature's bird food.
I would have been fine if my brain had stopped there, but it didn't.

Chickens are birds.
Chickens eat bugs and *gulp* spiders!
And then we eat chickens.
So that means....
In a round about way we eat spiders!
(excuse me while I barf!)
That thought makes my skin crawl. I can just feel them on me right now.
I don't know if I can do it anymore.
I only eat beef once in a very great while.
We stick to mostly chicken and turkey around here.
Turkeys have the same problem.
Again with the spiders.
I just can't do it anymore.
I can no longer unknowingly eat spiders.
I guess I better start eating a lot more beans.


Lisa said...

ok, I am a weirdo, because spiders don't bother me in the fact I often humanely "save" them on a piece of paper and release them outside. BUT - snakes on the other had are a completely different story...I can't handle even knowing they exist. In fact my oldest told me he saw a black one with a yellow stripe in a forest we were walking/collecting black berries in and I had two nightmares that night about it. Do you remember when there was a spider in my car some morning on the way to school - you FREAKED!

Karen said...

Great. Thanks. Now I feel like they're crawling all over ME!

Kent said...

You know how spiders sometimes drop off their webs onto your hair? Do you ever get that queasy feeling, like somethings crawling around in your stomach? Now you know how they got there! I do have a cure for it though. We could all take some of the worm medicine I give my horses.

The Lazy Organizer said...

That sounds like quite a rude awakening. All I know is I don't like to be sitting next to you when you see a spider.

Anonymous said...

to vegan!! :D