Monday, September 14, 2009

Guess what?
There is a mighty change taking place all around us!
Can you feel it yet?
There seems to be a chill just on the otherside of the sunny afternoons.
School has started and the days are getting shorter.
That's right, Fall is in the air!
The farmer's market is in full swing with apples starting to come on and the end of the summer harvest being canned and jellied and pickled.
I have spent the last few days making nectarine leather and pear sauce.
The nectarines were grown about 15 miles from our house and were picked the day before I bought them.
The pears were grown about 2 miles from here. Have you ever had pear sauce?
It is divine!

I can't wait to get my hands on some tastey apples!
Last Saturday the kids and I had a fun time at our local farmers market.
We bought some fun squash to decorate with. I don't get very halloweeny around here, but I love fall colors.
I can't wait to go on our annual fall leaf hunt and then come home and press our leaves to make fun fall leaf projects.
Now's the time I want yummy things like pumpkin cookies and spiced apple muffins.
Fall means curling up on a cool dark evening with a soft blanket and reading a good book.
Fall means horse rides in the bright red mountains of our home.
Some things are so constant and unchanging.
Like the seasons. We can always count on he seasons.
Fall means so many things to me and my kids.
It's so good to know these traditions will come again every year.
I think I'll still be picking red leaves when I'm 100!

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Karen said...

Oh yeah...I remember fall. It's that season between Freakin' Hot and Hey, What's This White Stuff, right? Yeah, around here we only have Hot and Warm.