Monday, March 17, 2014

You Are My Sunshine

My baby will be 3 tomorrow.
I am going to try really hard not to rant about how lightning fast the time went or the fact that all my babies are growing up (WAAAAAAAAHH!)
She is nothing but pure sunshine in our lives.
There is not a mean bone in that tiny little body.
Just don't let her hear that, she'll correct you in a hurry, she's not tiny, she's a BIG girl.
It seems like just yesterday she was brand new and I was introducing her to family for the first time.
Don't let the cuteness fool you, she was a hard infant, cried everyday for hours on end.
For the first 6 weeks of her life she refused to go to sleep before 4am, she chose instead to scream her little heart out from 11pm-4am Every. Single. Night.
It felt like Chinese sleep torture, I'd cry right along with her.
Then my midwife gave me tips on switching her days and nights.
Then she screamed all day, but at least she was sleeping some at night.
But it's OK, she's more than made up for it in her sweetness the past few years.

I'd go through those torturous nights a million times over if it meant I could have her just the way she is right now.
If you ask me, she's perfect.
She is the cutest little girly girl.
Doodle was just the opposite,  She barely knew what to do with a doll and refused to wear anything resembling a dress.
Not this little M&M, she's carting around a doll or a pony or a Lalaloopsy or all threee at all times.
She loves to wear dresses and glitter and have her hair look just so.

She begs me to paint her fingernails.
She is constantly stealing my jewelry and lip gloss when I have my back turned.
She already has me nervous for her teenage years, her preferred state of being is nude.
She has been know to sneak into bedrooms at family members houses and take off all her clothes with a house full of family.
I have raised 5 toddlers, and she is the only one of my kids that has been a stripper.
I thought, by some miracle, that gene passed over my family, 'fraid not.
From the very moment her tiny fingers figured out how to pull clothes off, she has been doing it.
Now we are training her to keep her clothes on by making them pretty dresses that she likes to wear (and can't reach the buttons or zipper in the back).

So Happy Birthday to the sweetest little girl on the block.
Our lives just would not be complete without you in it!


Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog in an old email from Kent . . . you are an amazing woman with an amazing & beautiful family. I'll never forget you nor stop loving you.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I can't believe she's 3! Wasn't she JUST born??