Thursday, May 1, 2014

Seat Warmer

Mr Bird drives the kids to school in the mornings.
Even though Spring is here (hallelujah!) the mornings are still quite chilly.
The kids take turns sitting in the coveted front seat in his car.
It's the front, so it's just naturally more desirable,  but the icing on the cake is the seat warmers.
Turns out they all want to have toasty buns on those icy morning drives to school.
The other day Dubs found himself in the back seat with the cold, cold leather seats and nothing to warm his hiney but his own body heat, which could take a while.
(I know, I know, first world problems)
So, being the intelligent kid that he is, Dubs came up with a solution to his unmomentous predicament.
From the back seat Mr Bird spontaneously heard,
 "3...2...1... SEAT WARMER!!!" 
That last bit didn't come from his mouth though, it came from his nether regions. 
More specifically the same body part he so desperately wanted warmed.
Yup, I guess that's one way to get the job done.
Only down side to that solution would be the odor...
Boys are so gross, all I can say is, it's a good thing he was with his father.


Heather said...

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Karen M. Peterson said...

Boys ARE gross. But also funny!