Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sister Therapy

Once a month my sisters and I (there are 5 of us) get together and leave our children with our husbands and spend the day together.
The second Saturday of the month is untouchable.
We don't plan parties or trips or errands.
Second Saturday is Sister Saturday.
Period, the end, no questions asked, always and forever.
We meet at Christine's house at about 8:30am and then get in her huge van and pick a place to breakfast together.
Then we stay in the restaurant way too long talking, and laughing and crying together.
Group therapy anyone?
It is the mother of all therapy sessions.
We talk about everything under the sun; those 4 girls know more about me than probably everyone else I know combined (except Mr Bird of course).
We deal with issues from our childhood and they teach me so much.
I feel like no one else on earth could possibly understand the things I deal with quite like my sisters can.
They have been there, too.
They know how I feel because they feel the exact same way.
I don't remember my parents when they were married, I was only 2 when my dad left.
But my sisters do, to varying degree.
It is intriguing and so therapeutic to hear the things they remember.
They put pieces of the puzzle together for me like no one else ever could.
It helps to heal my soul.
We catch up on each others lives and brag about our children and cry over them sometimes, too.
We talk about who's who and what's what.
We talk about things that one could only share with a sister.
And let's not forget retail therapy.
We hit fabric stores and thrift shops and kitchen stores and warehouse clubs.
We eat samples and try on clothes together in the same dressing room.
We have even spent afternoons engaged in humanitarian service projects.
Just when my life seems to get to be too much to handle, a Sister Saturday rolls around.
It is the balm my troubled soul needs.
I come home feeling filled and rested and ready to fight the good fight some more, and harder than before.
My sisters make me want to be a better wife and mother.
They fill my empty bucket.
I can only hope that I can in some small way do the same for them.
They will always be my Angel Sisters, my best friends!


Karen Peterson said...

I love my sister and we enjoy spending time together, but with 16 years between us, I doubt we'll ever have THIS kind of relationship. I envy you a little.

Donna said...

I cried when I read this! Sara, you are amazing in so many ways. Do you see yourself as you are? You make me feel so good about stuff. We do have some pretty wonderful therapy sessions, don't we? I'd go insane without Sister Saturday. I really would. You guys are my BEST friends. I feel so whole and complete with you guys. I don't have many "friends" in my neighborhood/ward. I have a few, but you guys are my friends. I don't feel like I need more than that. My life is complete with you guys. Do you remember how I used to yell to Mom that I wished she'd stopped after me (in a hateful way)? Thank goodness Heavenly Father sees beyond our sight. If all the things I was to go through had to be gone through by myself, I'd be in the Psych ward (really). I am thankful that we have each other. We are the only family we have, it seems sometimes, huh? I love you. Thank you for your example of good, and your acceptance and love! Donna