Friday, February 10, 2012

Someone (who shall remain nameless) called Little Miss Mae a very, very bad name.
I was shocked that this someone would say such a thing, and right in front of me no less.
In fact, she called her the same very bad name on two different occasions.
Talk about beyond RUDE!
I was shocked and a little hurt, even.
What did this person call her, you ask?

It was the "T" word.
She called M&M a...
Can you believe the audacity?!?!
Calling my sweet baby such a horrible thing!
The truth is, she may be right.
Did I just type that out loud?
It's getting harder and harder to deny that my little girl is changing so fast and in so many ways.
She has teeth and wears jeans.
And look at that pony tail, it breaks my heart!
She stands without holding onto things for a few seconds at a time and travels along the edges of everything.
But the fact remains that she has of yet to take her first steps.
That, in definition, proves that a fore mentioned person is wrong.
She is not a toddler yet, because she does not toddle.
Key word being 'YET'...
Hold on baby girl, stop growing so big, so fast.


Scotty and Emi said...

Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! I look at my kids and wonder how they've gotten so big so fast. It's TOO FAST! I had my daughter snuggled up and asleep two nights ago and I just stared at her face, memorizing her 5-year-old face. Because it won't be long before it's a 15-year-old face. It makes me want to cherish every possible second!

Karen Peterson said...

It's unfair how quickly time passes.