Sunday, March 18, 2012

Life Lessons Learned, Part 1

Life is a roller coaster, I'm sure we can all agree on this point.
The last few weeks has been like The Cyclone on steroids.
Full of the highest ups and the bottom-est downs.
Some moments I'm not sure if I'm caught in a tail spin or if it's just life giving me a reality check.
I'll say this though, I have plenty to blog about for the next little while.
There's no way I can fit all of these crazy adventures and life lessons learned in one measly blog post.
I'll start with this life lesson learned:
Seven days is much too long to be away from my kids.
And ten days is much, much too long to be away from my lover.
The next time I decide to spend a week in the wonderful Florida sunshine, they are ALL coming with me.
I saw a single man on the airplane ride home flying all by himself with 4 small children.
He is my hero.
Mr Bird has always been apprehensive about flying with small children.
He would rather drive 4-5 days straight than bring our family on an airplane, for fear of bothering other flyers.
After I saw this man and how well behaved his children were, I am not the least bit afraid.
Little M&M and I packed our bags and hopped a plane (two actually) and headed to someplace warm to visit my sweet niece and her darling family.
Little Miss Mae was an awesome little traveler.
She had everyone from stewardesses to old ladies to middle aged men wrapped around her darling little finger.
Not to mention other children and babies.
She met her long lost best friend (who was just her age) on the plane ride home.
It was hilarious!
Those two must have known each other in Heaven, and the earthly reunion was quite the sight to behold.
There was laughing and squealing and bouncing and waving and the biggest smiles you've ever seen.
For. Four. Hours. Straight.
Until they both fell asleep for the last 10 minutes of the flight.
Twelve hours before my plane landed home sweet home at Salt Lake City International Airport, Mr Bird hopped a plane bound for San Diego for an annual conference that he has been attending for as long as I can remember.
He's on the board of directors for some organization that has something to do with something, yada, yada, yada.
His work stuff goes over my head.
All I know is this; every time Mr Bird goes to this conference there is some disaster or another we deal with while he's gone.
Last year my water broke nearly 3 weeks early and he had to reschedule his flight to get home in time for M&M's birth.
Two years ago I ran over a tricycle and punctured our full 40 gallon gas tank and watched as it all spilled into the driveway. The fire truchk saved me that year.
Three years ago this was my day while he was away.
In fact we joked over the dinner table the night before I left about what the catastrophe would be this year.
Once he got to the conference his colleagues joked about what could possibly go wrong this time.
This year's drama did not disappoint.
But since this post is already quite long, I'll just say this:
To Be Continued...


Virginia said...

Oh, you can't leave us hanging....well, I guess you just did! I love your blog and can't wait to read what happened!

Emma said...

You can't do that!!! You better post again soon ;)