Monday, March 14, 2011

My Sanity...Hanging by a Thread

The count down is officially on.
I am officially 3 weeks away from my official due date.
That means I have an official reason to be grumpy, right?
Well, even if my reason is not official, I am.
Grumpy that is.
Maybe grumpy is not the right word.
More like irritable.
More like, "Don't look at me or I might snap your head off!"
I am trying really hard to stay calm and carry on, but it's getting increasingly difficult.
Especially at church or anywhere else in public.
People see me coming and their faces change.
I watch their eyes widen as they follow my belly.
When they do make contact all they can think to say is, "When are you due?" or
"Look how big you're getting, you must be due any day!"
It takes all my will power to not scream at the nice old ladies, "NEVER! This baby is NEVER coming out, EVER! I'm doomed to stay like this for what seems like FOREVER!"
"I have been telling you for the past 5 months the same exact date, it realy has not changed. And besides, I never deliver before my dute date so it just might really be 5 WEEKS instead of 3."
"I have no idea when this baby is coming out of me, I wish it were up to me and I could give you a real answer."
I think I was asked when this baby is coming no less that 30 times this weekend.
Maybe I should start wearing a sign that says my due date and post it to my belly so people don't have to ask.
You know, like the little count down thingy I have on my blog.
Genius! I could make a million dollars with this idea.
Some sort of digital pregnancy count down thingy so people can stop torturing us pregnant ladies.
And it can scroll through other important messages like:
"I know I look like a swollen blob, but that does not give you an excuse to look at me!"

I am very aware that I sound like a 3 year old, thank you very much!
I guess the Sunbeams I teach are rubbing off on me.
OK, I may be exaggerating a little.
But I do hate this part because it is like people must constantly remind me that I still have 3-5 more weeks (let's be realistic) of bladder squishing, crazy dreams at night, bloatedness.
All the while I can feel this little one all wriggly and I know there's a beautiful baby in there and all I'm dying to do is hold it and kiss it and nurse it.
It's just so close, yet so far.
I really hope my sanity can hold out for another few weeks.
I may just decide to not leave the house again until the blessed day.
Heaven knows I have enough nesting to do to keep me good and busy until then!


Lisa said...

I thought you were going to email me a pregnancy photo?? I'll share one with you.


Karen Peterson said...

So frustrating, I'm sure!

I don't have much sanity to give, but I would if I could!