Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Circle K

"Strange things are afoot at the Circle K..."
(name that movie)
Or should I say, strange things are afoot the the Weavers!
Let me give you a little background.
Baby Cakes (whose not a baby anymore) is always telling Mr Bird and I (and anyone who will sit still and listen) all about his "friends".
I assumed they are imaginary since he has yet to have a play day at a friends house without mom.
He's always saying things like, "I do math at my friend's house." or "My friend let me play with his motorcycle when I was at their house."
When we ask him about said friends he tell us they live in his secret lab, and apparently there are millions of them and they come in all kinds of colors.
It's a well known fact that his "secret lab" is a space under the bushes in the side of our yard that the kids hide out in during the nicer days when the sun is shining.
A while ago he started saying things like, "One of my friends died tomorrow."
(tomorrow is the word he uses for any reference to time, weather it be yesterday or next week or last year.)
Then he started telling me that the ghosties let him play with them and that the ghosties were his friends.
I know, weird right?
So what do you think, little kid with a great imagination or do I need to be worried?
Well, I have not been too worried, until this morning.
We were starting our morning devotional to get our school day going when all of a sudden there was a noise upstairs in the bathroom that's getting a face lift.
I looked around the room to see who had snuck out and was upstairs.
All of my children were looking at me with wide eyes.
I listened more closely.
It was music.
Mr Bird and I had done some work on the bathroom last night and had left a radio plugged in.
Spontaneously, it turned on and was playing Cold Play for our listening pleasure.
I sat there in stunned silence for a few moment, trying to rationalize what had just happened.
No logical explanation came to mind.
Then I thought of Baby's ghosties.
Could it be?
Then get this!
Just as I started typing this very post my Internet browser turned off.
No warning, nothing, just poof!
All that was in front of my face was my cow screen saver.
Luckily, Blogger had saved my draft (most of it) and I was able to click on Firefox again and continue my post.
If the radio were not enough, the Internet has me really freaked out.
So help a girl out, what explanations could there be for these erratic occurrences?
My imagination?
Baby's ghostie friends?
Want to know something else weird?
I just noticed this week that the convenience store near our home is a Circle K.
Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do!
(Twilight Zone theme music playing in my head)


Anonymous said...

I so LOVE that movie. I'm not going to say it because I want to see if others know it first. I will give a hint though . . .the movie has princesses. What I can;t beleive is that my wife is quoting from said movie. She HATES that show.

Scotty & Emily said...

I say DON'T WORRY AT ALL!! My kids have had imaginary friends for a long time... Still have them. They're my kids' kids... Scott's kids are the age he is, and for a long time, they were all named Scott. Now that he's almost six, they don't make appearances quite so often.

Emily's kids are all Scott's age, and they have names too silly to pronounce or spell. :) They're disappearing along with Scotty's kids.

Totally normal. :)

And I don't know that movie. :)

Anonymous said...

I so know that movie, too.
I say don't worry, BUT ghost "experts" commonly think that starting renovation work can cause your otherwise quiet ghosties to decide to play around and stuff. Also, its most often little bitty kids who are for some reason more in tune and can see and talk to the ghosties.I personally do believe in them, but I think they are harmless. However if you are worried about it, you can have the Elders in to bless your home and because we have the power of the priesthood on our side, things will be just fine.
That said, be excellent to each other.
Joanna :)

Karen Peterson said...

I have this sudden need to watch Bill & Ted...

It could very easily be a coincidence. Weird stuff happens with my internet browser all the time.

Does your house have a history or are you the first owners?