Thursday, June 17, 2010

Poker Face

Dubs graduated from Joy School a few weeks ago.
It was quite possibly, the funniest graduation I have been to in my entire life.

Dubs does not like to be the center of attention.
He will not give talks or prayers in primary. He cries in the hall when it's his turn until someone has pity on him and lets him off the hook.

As you can imagine, he was a little less than willing to get up in front of all the people and sing the song his classmates had been practicing for weeks.
He sat in his chair trying his hardest to be invisible.
"La,la,la,la,la, I can't hear you!"
When it was his turn to share his talent he slide down deeper in his chair and would not uncurl or even look at me.
We moved on without hearing his rendition of I am a Child of God.
Then I got to speak.
The highlight of the entire event, if I do say so myself.
I'm sure everyone was thrilled!
I took a few minutes to share some of the fun activities we had done during the course of the year.
I did not know at the time that Mr Bird had possession of the camera.
He took a few shots of me during the magnificent, life changing speech.

I decided I look like a complete idiot while I'm talking.
Just call me Fish Lips.
Why has no one ever told me this before?
I must be much quieter from now on.

I thought I looked really cute that day, but as it turns out... not so much.
I think I need to wear my hair down more often.

And apparently I'm quite funny.
At least I seem to think so.

Why can I not decide what to do with my hands?
Ah, the age old question.
They are not in the same position in any two photos yet.

It seems I just flapped them around the entire time.
Watch out, I could take off at any minute.
Oh man, have I got a problem...

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The Lazy Organizer said...

Poor Dubs! I have one child with the same problem but the others...not so much. We're working on getting Lovely to recite a scripture in Primary. She practices everywhere we go and she's going to try again on Sunday.

You did look fabulous (fish lips and all) and you should wear your hair down more often because it's gorgeous.