Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Impossible Dream

Another of my dreams is about to come true.
Remember this post about how I want to be in a parade?
Well, it turns out that this just might be my lucky year!
My brother-in-law, Brad Galvez (The Great) is the Republican nominee for The Utah House of Representatives on the November 2010 ballot.
During a dinner with the family he mentioned that as part of his campaign he planned to ride in the local parades this summer.
I about fell out of my chair.
In fact I think I jumped a foot in the air and lost control a little (or a lot) and shrieked something about the fact that I wanted to be in his float (or car or riding a horse).
Everyone looked at me like I was crazy, that's me the family crazy person.
It's OK, cuz every family has one, I'm fine with it being me.
Then I went on and on about how much I've wanted to ride in a parade.
I started to get so excited and could already smell the horse poo in the air!
Then it happened!
Brad, The Great appointed me as the head of the parade committee chair board!
I'm pretty sure he made that up just to make me feel good, let's not fool ourselves, it totally worked!
Now my mind will not stop thinking about it.
I have to come up with ideas now.
Should we do a float with sparkly banners and paper mache mountains?
Or should we go simple and commission some cool antique cars?
Then there's the equestrian route.
The Galvez's are huge horse lovers.
We could decorate the horses and carry banners and throw candy to the crowds?
It's so hard to decide.
Maybe we could do all the above, our family is big enough!
What would you do?


Magimom said...

Stopping by on recommendation from Karen's blog! I would totally go the Equestrian route - nothing more charming than horses in the parade!

Mrs Soliz said...

I second that! Definitely horses. Congrats to both you and Brad!
You’ll be great as the parade committee chair. Keep us all posted on the parade schedule and how we can help Brad’s campaign.

The Lazy Organizer said...

Horse of course! I can't believe I was there to witness the big moment of one of your dreams coming true, even if it did hurt my ear drums a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Hey! That's my picture! is a good one after all. :)

Karen said...

One of my former co-workers is running for Utah State Senate. It's SO cool to know people that are involved in the political process. Definitely one of the things I miss about Utah compared to California. Politicians were a lot more accessible there. Here, the chances of even ever speaking to one are very small.