Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ode To Littleness

Is it just me or do littleness and cuteness go hand in hand?
My Baby that's-not-really-a-baby-anymore-cuz-he-poops-and-pees-in-the-potty is so cute, I just can't stand it!
What's really funny is that he does not even know he's being cute.
He thinks he's being so serious all the time, like a tiny man person.
Only I just laugh because he's so little and serious.
He is just like his dad only much, much smaller.

I also love my little trees.
I got 4 more fruit trees for my mini orchard for my mother's day gift.
We have 10 fruit trees now!
Only 8 more to go and I will be satisfied.
I love them beyond words.
I love all of their potential wrapped up in tiny branches and miniature leaves.
I love to dream about the endless summers in the warm sunshine eating tree ripened apples and pears and peaches with sticky juice running down our arms.
I love to dream about my pantry and freezer filled with their goodness, enough for the whole year plus more to share.
I can already hear the dehydrator humming me to sleep with the scent of fresh peach heavy in the air.

I just know my kids are going to love me during harvest and preserving time.
Can't you just taste and smell the jams and jellies and purees already?
I love to think that someday my grandchildren will eat from these very trees.
I can never leave our house now.
These trees have cemented me here forever.
They may as well bury me under one of them when I die, because I will not leave them.
I love them almost as much as my babies.
Almost, but not quite.

And just look at this cuteness.
There's something about watching something grow that I absolutely adore.
These tomatoes and peppers were just seeds when I got my hands on them.
I have never started my own tomatoes or peppers from seed before.
It was such a fun process.
Seeing them peek through the soil for the first time was truly magical.
I was so excited I literally jumped for joy.
Then, wondering if the little sprouts were strong enough to keep going, I watched them every day.
I worried about if they were getting enough water or too much.
I wondered if the window was too drafty, if they had enough sunlight, if little fingers would try to dissect them.
Now I dream about their ripe fruit and the fresh salsa and tomato sandwiches and countless other ways to eat them fresh off the vine.
I took these photos a few weeks ago and now they are simply huge.
They are past ready to plant outside.
If mother nature would stop trying to freeze us out they might have a shot.

Just look at Mr Bird and his buff arms tearing apart that bucket!
When he saw this photo he was quite impressed with his own muscular arms.
He had to flex right then and there to see if that's how they really look.
I assured him they do and that those arms are so very, very hot!
Thank you Mr Bird, for the wonderful gift.


Sharla said...

Yes. Littleness and cuteness often go together. :) Now...Jay's arms on the other hand. I won't comment on the hotness, but he's looking great. It's all that running and biking and good food.

You're going to have your orchard pretty soon!

Karen said...

As I was reading this, I thought of my mom's new puppy and her cute little retriever face.

Littleness definitely DOES equal cuteness. And your little ones are seriously CUTE. (Your kids AND your trees!)