Monday, April 19, 2010

A Birthday and A Blunder

Dear Dubs,
Happy Birthday, my boy. I can't even express in words how much I love you. I think you are hands down one of the best boys on the planet. I wish I knew how I got lucky enough to be your mom. You have always been my biggest snuggler. All I have to do is look you in the eye and you melt into a gigantic hug. It does this mother's heart good. I love how much you love your brothers and sister. I think it's the cutest thing in the world when you give Baby those sweet kisses and he kisses you back, right on the smacker! It seems like only yesterday when you were tiny and would sit with me for hours and be totally content. Now you are so grown up and learning new things every day. It gives me so much joy to see the little person you are becoming. I love you, little man. Happy Birthday!
Love, Mom

There's nothing quite like a little boy's first bike, complete with training wheels and all.
In the 3 weeks since his birthday, Dubs has already worn a whole right through the entire rear tire.
He would get going as fast as he could then skid to a stop, over and over and over again.
You should have seen our driveway, it was totally scared with marks from his tire.
He was so heartbroken when it popped.
We went and got a new tire a few days later.
The day after we got it all put back together we went for a ride on a local parkway that runs all through the Ogden valley along the Weber River.
One section of the trail goes down hill and curves at the same time.
As we approached this section and Dubs started his descent, he lost control at one of the turns and fell off the trail and down the hill among rocks and sticks and dirt.
There were 2 other bikers right behind him.
The first one stopped when she saw the crash to help.
The second tripped over the first, entangling the 2 bikes and sending the second rider rolling over the first.
This all happened in a matter of seconds.
It was like watching a cartoon.
We got Dubs and his bike back on track, he was OK except a teeny weeny scrape on his knee.
The other bikes were far from OK.
They looked like a circus act and I wondered how on earth we'd ever get them apart.
Finally they were able to pull them apart, but neither bike was usable after that.
One of the tires was so badly bent, it would not spin at all.
All said and done no one was hurt and we all laughed about the irony as we parted ways.
That's what you get for trying to do something nice!
Thanks strangers, for sacrificing your bikes for my son's safety!

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The Farmer's Wife said...

Those are some handsome boys you've got there!