Monday, December 9, 2013

Mini Me

Lately  M&M is Doodle's little shadow.
She loves her big sister so much and wants to be like her in every possible way.
As soon as Doodle gets home from school the two of them are stuck together at the hip.
I love watching the two of them together so, so much.
It does my mother heart good.
Doodle wanted a little sister for so long, and now she's finally big enough to play with.
Doodle will crochet leashes and attach them to her little sister and lead her all around the house.
And M&M just eats it up!
She becomes a doggie one minute and a horse the next.
Anything to have time with her big sister.
I think Doodle's really excited to start her own sister Saturday just as soon as the two of them are big enough.
It wouldn't surprise me if she started it the Saturday after she gets her driver's license!
Doodle has taken harp lessons for the last year and a half.
Just like everything else, M&M follows her to the harp as she practices.
She sits in on every lesson, most of the time on her teacher's lap.
Whenever Doodle leaves the harp uncovered M&M is right there, plucking the strings.
It's not long before Doodle or Mr Bird or I comes over and tells M&M not to touch the harp.
It is easily the most expensive thing in our home.
Our rule is that you have to take harp lessons in order to touch the harp.
Doodle is very protective of it and even gets upset if Mr Bird or I touch it.
Thant's one thing about harpists, to say they are protective of their instrument is a gross understatement.
They can become like a mother bear protecting their young.
So it was no surprise that when we went to play music at my sister in laws house one Sunday evening (her daughter, my niece, is Doodle's harp teacher) and they let M&M play the tiny harp she immediately became very protective.

Little man came over and sat next to her on the couch and the first thing she did was look him straight in the eye and with a glare that would stop a terrorist cold in his tracks said, "DON'T TOUCH MY HARP!" 

Ah, the sign of a true harpist!

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Karen M. Peterson said...

That is so precious! I love that she wants to be just like her big sister.