Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lazy Sunday Evening

I have all sorts of randomness in me and I just know you are all dying to hear it.
Or maybe you're just dying to hear something, anything from me, considering I've been absent for about a month.
Or maybe you haven't even noticed and are on to more exciting blogs, not that I'd blame you.
So here are my random thoughts on this lazy Sunday evening.
Random thought number one:
School is starting, but I have no time for school just yet.
I have tomatoes and green beans and squash and zucchini coming out of my ears. 
(Plus I plan on buying peaches and pickling cucumbers this week, I can't wait!)
I think instead of the first day of school, we will all be up to our elbows in canning and freezing and trying to figure out ways to make this zucchini edible for the next 9 months.
But I don't feel too guilty because we are one of those families that schools through most of the Summer, that is when we are not off having fun in the mountains or on the sunny California beach.
In my opinion, all of the experiences we give our children are life lessons that they learn from, even canning and playing in the sand.
So the spelling books will wait another few weeks while we bring in the harvest and rejoice in our God who gives us so, so much and is so, so good.
Maybe we'll get out a good audio book to listen to while we blanch and peel and slice.
Anyone have a good one we haven't heard yet? 
 Random thought number two:
I turned 35  29 a few weeks ago.
My birthday was fairly uneventful.
Mr Bird took me out to eat the night before, then I spend my big day with my Sisters on Sister Saturday.
I planned to make my birthday cake and ice cream the next day, but I did not feel like it, so I didn't.
I still have not done it, I think the kids wanted it more than I did and they have forgotten about it, so maybe I'm off the hook.
Birthdays are not that exciting when you're my age, or maybe it's just me being a bah humbug.
Random thought number three:
I have some really yummy Summer recipes I had planned on posting this Summer, but I never did.
What do you think, should I just go ahead and post them anyway, or just keep them for next Summer when the kids are home from school and want a cold treat to cool off?
Ya, I think I may have missed the boat on those this year, that ship has sailed.
It's on to fall goodies, and I think I know just the one that you must try! 
Stay tuned, I promise I will not make you wait another month for this tasty morsel.
Random thought number four:
The spiders are everywhere this time of year.
I hate it and can't wait until they all freeze to death.
We have had some whoppers this year that are actually more like little creatures than the supposedly harmless arachnids they claim to be.
It's a good thing I have lots of strong knights in shining armor to rescue me from those horrid beasts.
Random thought number five:
I love being in Primary.
There is just something about watching chubby fingers and getting hugs from the children in the hallway.
I love watching my Little Man nearly falling out of his chair on the verge of sleep as his eye balls roll to the back of his head during singing time.
I love seeing the Sunbeams march in with badges that are as big as their little chests that say "I can be forgiving" pinned to their little shirts.
And they say the funniest things, every single week, without fail.
 Those children do my heart good.
 Last random thought of the day:
Life is good and busy and oh, so happy.
I am blown away by just how blessed I really am.


kathy said...

You are a joy to have as a friend...I am blessed to know you!

Virginia said...

I LOVE your random thoughts, but especially number 5 about Primary. The children really melt my heart also. I love Primary and if you listen, you can always hear wonderful, sweet gems of wisdom and love. I love to watch you as you are so tender and loving with all the children.