Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stream of Consciousness

I have hundreds of random thoughts going on in my head this morning.
I think this calls for some serious bullet points.
  • I put a pregnancy count down thingy over on my side bar. All the cute mommy blogs have them.
  • I can't decide if I like it or if it's going to drive me crazy over the next seemingly endless 75 days.
  • 75 days!! That's still so far away. *sigh*
  • It'll probably be even more for me though, like 85 if I'm being realistic. I'm not one of those women who goes into labor even a minute before my due date.
  • Why is it that as soon as the 3rd trimester hits I feel absolutely enormous? It literally happens over night.
  • Are you tired of hearing about this pregnancy yet?
  • But guess what? All in all I have really enjoyed being pregnant, I almost don't want it to end.
  • Except that I really want to hold my baby.
  • Do you think the kids will be mad if I don't share?
  • Can you tell how conflicted I'm feeling?
  • In other news, I have been sewing and crocheting up a storm over here. I just can't sit still.
  • I crocheted the cutest little baby sweater.
  • It's brown. If my baby's a girl I'll add little pink flower buttons and attach a crocheted flower to the lapel. If it's a boy it gets little tan buttons.
  • I can't wait to put it on my baby.
  • In yet other news, the kids have made an indoor mailbox. They write each other letters and leave them in there to be found by their siblings.
  • It's the funnest thing to see their letters. I have even received a few.
  • School is starting late today because Doodle's still in the shower and I'm blogging. :)
  • After school we're headed to Wild Wednesday at the nature center. On the program today is Eagles in Winter.
  • I'm sort of obsessed with eagles, they are so majestic and bold.
  • I plan on finding out today where they nest in the winter (I know it's somewhere in our mountains) and taking a trip to see them in their natural environment next week.
  • We'll bring binoculars and trail mix and have a good old time.
  • Oh, and snow pants and boots and maybe even our sleds.
  • Anyone want to join us?
  • I have been craving roast beef and red potatoes for a week.
  • I finally bought one, but can't make it until tomorrow. My mouth is watering at the thought.
  • What's your favorite way to make roast beef?
  • Winter is starting to wear on me.
  • I am really missing hiking in the mountains and walking along my river pathway.
  • And the sunshine, I miss the sunshine.
  • And friends. I miss play dates at the park.
  • Anyone want to plan an indoor play date? You can come with your children and destroy my house while us big people have some much needed grown up conversation.
  • Anyone up for a sewing day? I still have lots I want to get done in the next 85 days.
  • See? Very random today...

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Karen Peterson said...

I'd be too afraid to write out my random thoughts. People would find out I'm crazy.

So much fun, though! I wish I was back in Utah. I'd totally do a sewing day.