Monday, August 31, 2009


Today I took all 4 heathens to Costco.
By myself
I know, I know, I'm just like Super Woman!
They are convinced we go there exclusively for the free samples.
Groceries? Who needs 'em?
They can spot an old lady with a hair net a mile away.
As soon as they see one they are jumping up and down practically dragging me and my cart over to the tasty morsel.
Even baby Cakes has discovered the hidden treasures that those shiny metal stands can hold.
Over the last few years I have worked very hard to teach my kids to be patient and quiet when they see the shiny metal tables and rubber gloves dishing out tasty treats.
If they are extra naughty and loud I have been known to leave the store without letting them sample even one crumb of the delicacies.
They really hate that so most of the time they are on good behavior.
They do still let me know as soon as one is in sight.
Then they have ants in their pants until I finally mosey on over to their afternoon snack.
Today a small miracle happened.
We rounded the corner to come face to face with a large tray of miniature granola bars.
Beano looked up at me with his big blue eyes and asked me ever so tenderly if he could please have a sample. I gave him and Doodle my consent and they picked up their snack as I grabbed one for Dubs and Baby.
But here's the thing. They both picked it up between their thumbs and pointer fingers, with their pinkies slightly extended.
Doodle proceeded to curtsy delicately as Sam bowed his head and they said in unison,
"Thank you!"
OK, OK, they did not really bow and curtsy, but for those few moments they were perfect children.
It could have been a commercial for free samples.
It was a truly beautiful moment.
They have also learned that if they tell the sample lady thank you sometimes they are invited to take another taste.
(Little do they know it's the big beautiful eyes, not the words, cuz it never works for me)
So after they said thank you the sample lady looked at me and said,
" Thank you for being a wonderful mother!"
What? Me? Well, um, thanks!
I tried to stammer some response of that sort as I pushed our cart onto the next isle.
But then I got to thinking, it was really nice of that lady to say that to me.
She does not know me from Adam, yet she took the time to say a kind word. Maybe she was the mother to 4 small children once and knows how seldom we busy mothers hear a word of praise about the work we do.
Regardless, it really brightened my spirits.
Sometimes I wonder if I'm really doing that great, it seems like a constant battle.
I think we all need to be more like that free sample lady at Costco.
When we see something that we think is good, we need to verbalize it.
We need to let our friends know when they are doing a great job.
We need to do more lifting of spirits instead of tearing each other down.
So this incident made me think about this video I had seen on my friend Lara's blog a while ago and I just had to share.
Warning: It is a tad cheesy. Just pretend it's normal for bearded men to tell perfect strangers how beautiful and amazing they are. And also, the moment when he finds her in the passport photo shop is priceless!
Happy watching!
P.S. I think you are all amazing and beautiful and I am in awe of all your many talents!
There consider yourself validated!


Karen said...

I love moments like that. It's nice when someone notices something and takes the time to say it.

Even a simple "thank you" when you are holding the door open for someone can make the day seem a little bit brighter.

Brad Mack said...

Yes, you are a great mom!!! It's always fun to watch you and your family... I continue to admire the diligence that you and Jay demonstrate so faithfully! Thanks for your example. ;)