Thursday, August 13, 2009

From Baby to Boy

These two photographs were taken exactly one year part, to the day.
Look what happened?
What have I been telling you all this time?!?
I keep saying my baby is growing up too fast.

But you didn't believe me, did you?
Look, he's not even a baby anymore.
In the first photo he had no teeth, zero, nada, none!
Now he has 16!! He has all of them until his 2 year old molars come in. That's more than a tooth a month.
And look at his hair.
He went from baldy to lots of curly shaggy locks in no time.
In fact I just cut all of those honey colored locks off a few days ago. I can't talk about it, I'm still in mourning.
He went from fat and pudgy to tall and skinny.
He went form belly crawling to running at top speed.
He went from nursing to solids.
He went from cooing and drooling to talking.
He went form rattles to jets and hot wheels.
He went from baby to little boy.
And you know what else?
He went even deeper into my heart.
Oh how this mommy loves that little, little boy. It feels as though my heart just might burst!

1 comment:

Karen said...

They grow up way too fast!

And he is absolutely adorable!