Monday, November 4, 2013

Daylight Savings is for the Birds

This time of year it is so fun to listen to everyone complain about the sudden change of time.
Facebook is filled with it.
Some say their kids still wake up at their regularly scheduled time, their little bodies don't know that the clock changed, despite going to bed an hour later.
Some complain that now it's dark by the time they get home from work.
Others just like to complain, so they jump right on the bandwagon with everyone else.
My complaint?
I'm hungry.
Meal times are now an hour later and my stomach has no idea why it must wait.
I wake up starving and so I fill my belly. Then, by snack time I am ready for lunch.
By the time lunch rolls around I feel like I could eat a bus.
Last night before dinner my whole family thought I had forgotten to feed them.
I had to remind them about 500 times to look at the clock and that it was not time to eat yet.
But you want to know my biggest complaint?
It's not the time change, I am usually OK within a few days.
My tummy gets the message that it will get food and that I am not intentionally starving myself.
My complaint is the cold.
It has nothing to do with moving the clocks back.
Cold and winter would come no matter the digits glaring from my clock's display.
When the cold hits I'm ready to fly South with the birds.
Florida or Arizona or even parts of California beckon me.
I want to bundle up in ugly sweats and slippers and never leave the house.
And then there's the snow.
I love how beautiful it is and one of my favorite things it watching from my nice warm house as the kids build snowmen and laugh and play in the snow.
But I don't want to be in it.
I don't want it to touch me.
And I don't want to drive in it.
Or walk in it.
But, silly me, I went and married a local who has no intentions of ever leaving this place.
He actually (*gasp*) likes the snow and winter.
In my humble opinion, the only thing winter is good for is to make me fall that much more head over heals in love with Spring and Summer and Fall.
 During those times of year I literally walk on cloud 9 because it's not winter.
So here I sit, listening to people moan about day light savings while all I can think about is the impending doom of the seemingly ceaseless cold about to envelop my world.
I'll still be here in the Spring, waiting for the warmth of the sunshine to thaw my bones.

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Karen M. Peterson said...

I will never forget tracting in Mascouche and suddenly realizing that my nose hairs were frozen. Oh winter, how I loathe thee!