Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Fourth of July Is...

Babies in sunhats

Waking up at the crack of dawn for the annual 5K

Riding bikes in the bike parade, shimmering streamers of red, silver and blue taped to the handle bars fluttering in the breeze

Eating peanuts while waiting for the parade to begin

Wondering if the parade will EVER end...

Fire trucks, need I say more?

Little boys passing out the parade candy they gathered

Patriotic under roos

Five million degrees before noon

Cooling off in the shade of the willow for a family BBQ

Traditional flag cake with homemade whipped cream and fresh berries

Making wedding plans with your cousin 

Visiting with our four legged cousins
(this has got to be my favorite photo of the entire day!)

The best water fight of the entire year

Big boys versus little boys

Brother against brother

Both water hoses running full blast

Little boys in swim suits

Unbridled permission to get as wet as you want with your clothes on

No questions asked

 Long afternoon naps waiting for the fire works to start

Nieces growing up too fast

Up by 6am, back to bed no earlier than midnight

The smell of fire crackers

"Oooooo, ahhhhhhhh!"

Glow sicks

Trying to keep the baby on the blanket in the pitch blackness of night

Little ones falling asleep to the booms and bangs of fireworks

Sitting by my lover, hoping this spectacular moment will never end

 A million and one pictures to remember the fun

Being sad when it's all over, knowing we have to wait another long year before the festivities happen again

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Shar said...

stHow did I miss this? Fun and cute pictures. Love the one of Pearl and Lily. So cute! What a fun day. Thanks for having us all over to your house. :)