Thursday, November 17, 2011


A bloggie friend of mine (I use the term friend lightly. She really does not even know I exist, but I LOVE her blog) wrote a post entitled
Why Everyday Begs to be Thanksgiving

And really, I could not agree more.
Sometimes I just look at my life and am just blown away with how much I am blessed.
I could make a carbon copy list of all the things I am thankful for, but I won't.
I don't need to.
We all know how much I love my family, how my kids keep me laughing day in and day out.
You have heard me say a million times how blessed I feel to have my kids with me at home and to have this home school adventure with them.
So this post will be a little different.
This past year has been amazing in so many ways.
We have had our share of laughter and wonderful hikes in my majestic mountains.
We have learned and grown and danced together.
We have welcomed our littlest Weaver to our home, what a breathtaking experience.
That little girl has planted herself right in the deepest part of all of our hearts in the 8 short months we've had her.
She is such a joy.
We have also had our share of blood, sweat and tears.
I have witnessed my share of toddler meltdowns and children hitting, pinching, pushing, biting and generally being mean to one another.
Those moments make the ones when they all build a tower that's taller than Doodle out of wooden blocks and then play with it together for hours, always rearranging the parts and pieces, that much sweeter.

I have had days when I can't wait for the moment when Mr Bird comes home so I can just get away for a few hours.
Who ever knew that an evening alone in a grocery store could feel like paradise.
Those hard days make the ones when we just can't leave the dinner table and stop talking and eating together all the better.
I have enjoyed a nice long hot shower just to be spit up on and have boogers wiped in my hair (by 2 different children) less that 10 minutes later.

I have spent hours sweeping and moping the miles of tile floor just to have an entire plate of dinner dumped on it along with 4 pairs of muddy shoes come in through the door before the floor is even completely dry.
We all have the good times and the bad times.
The laughter mingles with the tears.
The birth of a new baby mingled with the thought of those we love and have lost.
The moments of love that make your heart feel as though it could burst mixed with the moments of frustration that leave you shaking with anger.
We have our ups and our downs, everyone does.
And personally, I am thankful for every last moment, the good along with the bad.
Could we even appreciate the amazing moments life gives us if we did not have to go through the tough times as well?

Isn't it the bitter that makes the sweet that much more enjoyable.
And it's the same the other way around as well.
When we are going through a rough patch we can look back with love and gratitude for the happy times we've had.
Sometimes the memory of happy days literally gets us through until the hard parts are over.
“God gave us memories, that we might have June roses in the December of our lives.”
~ Thomas S Monson
So this season I celebrate it all.
The love, laughter and dancing along with the blood, sweat and tears.
There is beauty in every single day of the year.

Everyday Begs to be Thanksgiving.
May our eyes be opened to see just how sweet this life really is.
Through it all, God be praised!

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Karen Peterson said...

I LOVE this post! And I love your family. Your kids are so funny and sweet. But then, how could they not be, considering how awesome their parents are. :-)