Monday, April 25, 2011

A New Name

It's official.
Baby Cakes has officially out grown his bloggy name.
(OK, OK, I know it's been official for a while now)
He is anything but a baby any more.
Yet for so long he has been my little boy.
I admit it, it's been really hard for me to let go of his babiness.
Harder, for some reason, than any of the other children thus far.
I have a million reasons why, I will not bore you with all the details, but that little boy had my heart from the start.
A few days before M&M was born, the thought occurred to me that Baby Cakes was not going to be 'the baby' anymore.
It nearly ripped my heart out.

For those few days I hugged him every chance I got.
Which is really hard to do to a 3 year old who thinks he's going on 30.
He is so busy being a little man, he has no time for mommy to keep trying to snuggle him.
While I was in labor I literally sobbed, out loud, that he would not be the baby anymore.
And when I say sobbed, I mean cried out loud, whaled even, with huge tears that seemed to come in torrents.
(Not my prettiest moment)
Then another contraction came and distracted me for a while.
A few days after M&M was born, we were saying family prayers one night and it hit me again that Baby Cakes was indeed growing up and a new little being had taken his place of "The Littlest Weaver".
I held him close for his good night hug and cried again, not wanting to let go of his baby-ness.
I choked back the tears as he kissed my cheek and I scooted him off to bed.
I have loved that little boy fiercely.
I still do, but it's high time I come to grips with the reality that he's just not a baby anymore.
With that said, I have a new bloggy name for my not-so-baby-anymore-Baby-Cakes.
He will officially be known on this blog as,
Drum roll, please!

Little Man.
Not very original perhaps, but very fitting.
He thinks he's all grown up.
His goal in life is to be just like his daddy.
He wants to grow up and go to work and eat hamburgers for lunch just like his dad.
In fact, if I make a dinner he does not like, all I have to say is that if he does not eat, he will not grow up big like daddy and he instantly cleans his plate.
Works like a charm.
He has to be right in the middle of what the other boys are doing.
Building forts to keep out the enemy, playing army and war and defending his family.
He may just be the littlest man I know.
Even though he may be growing up and becoming a man, he'll always be my Baby Cakes.
I sure do love that Little Man of mine!


Mr Bird said...

I really like this post. He is my little man too.

Karen Peterson said...

This is such a sweet post, but I really think you should have just found a magic spell to keep him little a while longer. :-)